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  1. Got the acceptance this afternoon (HCI/UX/Social Computing Track). I think UMich is starting to send out the 2nd round of admissions. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Update 3.13: Seems like GT is sending out rejections quietly on the webiste. No email notification. 😭
  3. Nah. I haven't contact the program directly. Though, I spoke to some METALS alums, they were generally very kind and responsive, providing detailed information about this program. They particularily talked about how supportive METALS professors are. I'm also waiting for two other programs - pm me if you need more information about METALS (I don't know much, but maybe some info could be useful).
  4. Congratulations!!!! I received a waitlist - my interview did not go well so this is all I can hope for! Best of luck to everyone here! May you have good news!
  5. Good luck!! I do the same -- I keep telling myself Umich is my first choice.
  6. I agree with @Lavs that you still get the chance to "argue" -- maybe send them an e-mail explaining your situation.
  7. Don't lose heart yet! It's just a few days! Besides, portfolio may not be THAT important in reviewing an application: I know some people who got admitted to GT didn't submit portfolio, the committee looks at the whole package after all!
  8. Wow, you exp is amazing! Thanks for the reply! I hope they are still sending...
  9. Mine says "To Dept For Review". Maybe you could send them an email (just in case)?
  10. Thanks pal! We just need to hang in there.
  11. I also applied to UMD. I think they will start sending out admissions in early March.
  12. Congrats!! I also applied to the psych track, guess that means an implied rejection now! Do you mind sharing a little bit of your background?
  13. Hi guys, I heard that GT sent out admissions on Feb.22 and Feb.26. Congradulations to those who have been admitted to this competitive program!!! I am wondering if the four tracks (IC/ID/PSY/LMC) send out admissions independently? If so, which track did you receive your admission from? Thanks & Congrats!!!
  14. Congrats!! I'm also an international applicant who just got accepted. Pity that we gonna miss the Open House : (
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