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  1. After visiting, while CMU is definitely impressive, I’ve decided on UW MHCI+D. I think you get similar outcomes from both programs, and it ended up coming down to location and the larger community at UW/Seattle. I like that UW has direct alumni mentorship and a lot of alumni stay in Seattle so you can connect with them in person. At least for me personally, UW was a much better fit. That being said, I think you have to consider what’s best for you and your needs! Good luck! you can’t go wrong with either one.
  2. Hi, was lurking on this thread. Did you all hear back from UW? I got into both programs, and I think I will choose UW MHCI+D for many of the factors listed above. Anyone else deciding between these two?
  3. I was accepted to UW MHCI+D program yesterday! I was also accepted to CMU and GT, but I think I’m leaning toward accepting UW’s offer. Anyone else deciding between these programs?
  4. I know! I'm already having trouble deciding between the programs and this just makes it even more difficult. I wish they had alternate dates we could choose from. For now I'm planning to leave one halfway and go to most of the second one - hopefully it works out ok 😬
  5. Hey everyone, it looks like CMU is sending out acceptances now - I just received one this afternoon! Only thing is, their admitted student visit days overlap with GT’s lol... good luck to everyone here, I hope you all receive good news soon!!
  6. Thanks! I applied to the Interactive Computing track.
  7. I had an interview with a CMU alumni last week and haven't heard back since then. It went OK - not horrible but it could've been a lot better. CMU is kind of a long shot for me, and I wasn't sure if I should get my hopes up with the interview invite because it sounds like they've been interviewing everyone... How did yours go?
  8. I just got an acceptance to GT’s MS in HCI yesterday!! Super excited and I didn’t expect to hear back this early. Haven’t heard from CMU or UW yet though.
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