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  1. Aw no I did not, did you get it through the mail? We're having a major snow storm right now so it could be a little delayed.
  2. I did consider Cleveland State but they just don't have the types of programs other schools like Case/Pitt/OSU do that I applied to. Case in particular is my top choice because they have a health track program for social workers who want to work in hospitals (which i do), they have study abroad options for the health track, they're the first social work school meaning I get a MSSA instead of a MSW, and I could also continue to live with my boyfriend. These are the extra things that make Case important to me, I just need to decide if its worth all that extra money.
  3. Ive only had one school so far tell me I need to send an official transcript before accepting so I wouldn't worry about it, a good program will make sure you know exactly what you need to do. Otherwise every other school only needed an official transcript after the admittance decision.
  4. Ive been accepted to 3/6 schools I've applied to so far and only one included any scholarship information. It really sucks but I think a lot of schools accept and then wait to give out scholarship/funding information even though it's the main factor for most people's decision making.
  5. For one of my LOR writers and my favorite professor, I bought her a book written by an author she introduced us to in class and wrote a nice thank you note on the inside cover!
  6. I've been accepted to three out of six programs I've applied to so far for my masters of social work. Only one of the three has sent me information on my scholarship/funding awards. I applied for a full tuition fellowship at Ohio State and received notification I have been admitted but no word on if I have been accepted for the fellowship or any other scholarship. Is it okay to email simply asking when we will find out. I don't want to seem pushy it's just a huge factor in my decision on where to go.
  7. I've just been accepted to Ohio State! I applied for a fellowship but theres no word on acceptance to that or any other funding information ? Anyone else???
  8. yes! i actually got two in the mail. One saying im admitted but need to complete my stats requirement, and then once that got sorted out, another saying im completely admitted and meet all requirements. Nothing with any details about financial stuff though. The letter was very generic just saying like congrats youre in, you have until March 31st to confirm and thats about it.
  9. I am very much in the same boat! I am so stressed about the amount of loans I'm going to have to potentially take out. My boyfriend is currently in medical school and will end up with about $200,000 in debt and so I want to add as little to that as I can. I want to go to Case Western so badly but its so incredibly expensive it's really worrying.
  10. just for anyone else like me who was accepted to case western and worried about the January 15th deadline, I also got a confirmation that it was in error and the true deadline is April 15th!
  11. Going into graduate school where I will be traveling around from school to the hospital etc, I'm looking for a good study professional bag to tote my stuff around in. Anyone have any input or bags you love?
  12. Have you taken any class that was similar to statistics or had statistics based coursework? When I got my letter of admission they said I did not meet the requirement and would have to take it. I had to send them a syllabus for a "Data Analysis" class I took that was basically just stats for social science majors. I emailed them the syllabus and they responded that it would count and I would not have to retake any stats classes before admission.
  13. yes! Honestly you can take almost anything and make it relevant experience as long as you can tie in how it can help aid you in the social work field or even how it helped you make your decision to pursue a masters in social work.
  14. yes! My GPA is so-so at 3.3 but I've had multiple research opportunities during undergrad that I think made my application stand out immensely. I would also make sure some of your letters of recommendations are from people from these field study placements and professors you did research with. Lots of people can study hard but not a ton of people participate in research. I wrote a lot about how my research experiences have fueled my passion for social work in my personal statements as well.
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