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  1. woodhouse 1

    Who hasn't gotten accepted yet?

    5 Rejections, 2 accepted but waitlisted for funding, 1 waitlist for admission with funding, and waiting on 2 to get back to me. Feel like I still have a good chance of getting in somewhere with funding but man am I feeling the stress
  2. So lame! They got back to people last year on February 14th. I really thought they'd get back to us this week oh well
  3. woodhouse 1

    Gradcafe Statistics

    Wow this is amazing. Thank you!
  4. woodhouse 1

    Weird graduation things your school does?

    Ha yea I did! Caps and gowns weren't required but I still wore a cap for fun.
  5. Their econ grad program is in the College of Arts and Sciences. What is "SPA"?
  6. woodhouse 1

    Weird graduation things your school does?

    We do that too! Except at my school everyone is aware of it because its on the middle of campus. Students ring it after they finish their senior thesis so at the end of April through mid May its ringing pretty constantly. As someone who didn't care much for their high school's ceremonies, this one felt really special
  7. Not only that but GPA comparisons between schools in the U.S are hard to make. Also I went to a college that didn't give its graduates a GPA lol
  8. Thanks :) And yea still no word, I'll try giving them a call after Christmas but the administrators could have the whole week off so I will probably have to wait until the next week to find out more info
  9. So I went on American University's website today to check on my application status. I wasn't really expecting to hear anything until February. But it says I got in! I apparently was accepted yesterday but I never received an email or anything and just happened to look at the website today. But there is no information about funding or anything like that? Should I expect to receive physical mail / an email sometime soon with that information?

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