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  1. You could always try a pair of flats, might be more comfortable, imo.
  2. He actually fled (after beating up the girl enough to send her to the hospital) but he turned himself in a little later. He was the girl's ex and his car is in our house, I think the adrenaline wore off and he probably realized he was fucked. The wall is boarded up and 3 out of the 4 of us living there are staying with people we know. More so because he probably will get out on bail and who knows what he'll do. He also rammed her car so it's like half on our lawn but something's busted so they can't move it.
  3. This morning, some dude drove his car into out house, because he was trying to run my roommate and roommate's girl over.
  4. Sounds like pretty different fields, I'd be curious exactly what math/physics/engineering classes you have under your belt. Most English majors obviously don't take any of the STEM classes required by engineering majors, but perhaps if you were taking a bunch on the side then you'll be okay. Like ExponentialDecay said above, a lot of the classes can't be taken at the same time (calc 1 -> 3 for instance), and would require too much catch up time for them to really consider it.
  5. My mom unfriended me on Facebook and then sent me a message that included, "I always felt inside that you never really loved me or bonded with me. That you were angry at me for something. I expressed it to Dad and he dismissed it." I always thought mom bonded more with my sister because they have so much in common (I'm way more like my dad). Turns out it's because she's thought I hated her and that my sister always loved her. Oh family drama.
  6. If you are both in it for long term relationships, then it is definitely worth keeping the relationship. In my mind, if it's worth it, you'll both make it work when the time comes for you both to make a plan for the future. I definitely agree(d) with this, but a couple months ago I not only started dating a student in my department, but one who is in my year and works in the same lab. (whoops)
  7. I once came super close to passing out at the vet's office when they gave our cat a shot. Went completely black, had to sit on the floor.
  8. Late reply, but I do know a physics major at Uni of Alaska, if anyone had any questions about the school.
  9. There are 3 dollars in my bank account. D; Besides money wise, off to a great, but INCREDIBLY busy start. I'm content.
  10. We had a student in my undergrad that did this. There was always a constant "yes" or "mmmhmmm" coming from him. It was especially annoying when the professor would ask something along the lines of, "everyone understand?" (He would immediately say yes, and the professor would move on, anyone hanging on had to reel the professor back in). No one ever did anything, it kind of screwed him over a few times because he was only following about half the time. Some professors call you out by asking you a question. He started doing it a bit less because of that. I'm not sure why it reminds you o
  11. Got an email about graduate orientation. Interesting that it's from a school I'm not attending. Why am I still on your email list? D;

    1. ahlatsiawa


      Same happened to me. I asked them to take me out of the list and if they are still admitting, offer my place to the next person.

    2. iphi


      ha yeah me too. I told them in March that I wouldn't be coming... :\

    3. mandarin.orange


      Hopefully Payroll has made a similar oversight, and will send you a grad stipend!

  12. Now that I think about it, I think I had started studying for the PGRE right around this time last year, and took it twice in the fall.
  13. Personally I would wait. For mainly the reasons others stated above. The list of schools you can apply to will be extremely short and limited. You're looking only at schools that accept in spring and don't require the PGRE. Your gpa isn't stellar, and funding isn't generally given for spring admissions. I would study for the PGRE, maybe retake the general (you probably want a 160 quant score), and aim to apply for next year. It'll really open up so many options, plus will open up the possibility of funding!
  14. I actually spent a summer at the school you'll be attending. I can understand about walking up and down the crazy amount of stairs they have in the heat. I don't think it'd be that weird to bring a change of clothes. One of the grad students I worked under biked and would wear one of those biker spandex shirt and shorts. He'd come in, drop his bag off, and then go change.
  15. Living with roommates in the fall, but I'll have my own bedroom and bathroom. For less than 350 a month, I'm pretty pumped! :D

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