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  1. Does anyone know about their Neuroscience program? I haven't been able to find much information on it. Thanks!
  2. FY5913


    That's what I'm leaning towards. I feel like I would be more likely to regret going than not going because there is a lot of risk. Thanks!
  3. So I applied to 6 Ph.D. Neuroprograms. I knew that I probably wouldn't get in, as I had mediocre stats (GPA of 3.5, GRE of 315) and no publications. However, I just was told that I could be admitted to a program if I was to commit to them. I don't yet know whether it would be funded (if it's not, then I won't accept), but I'm not sure whether I want to go there anyways. Pro's: Good resources, well funded, large program based on medical campus Con's: I don't like the area, family is on the other side of the country, no available rankings/stats/outcomes It's a gamble, and I'm hesitant as I'm considered a "strong" candidate, even though I know that I'm not. I've been working on my Plan B and have an MS with a thesis in my current lab lined up, which I know would be a great experience. I just don't know if it's worth the gamble, or whether I should try again in a couple of years when I am better qualified for the schools that I wanted to attend. I don't want to jump and regret it later--you only get one shot at a Ph.D. Thoughts?
  4. I haven't heard anything yet from VT's Translational Biology, Medicine, & Health program and University of Texas Medical Branch's Graduate Neuroscience program. I've been calling and emailing the schools and programs, but no one seems to have any information. Please tell me that I'm not alone here. I'm getting really frustrated and just would like some answers...
  5. A lot of the funding is for Ph.D. students only. There are some opportunities through WSU's website, but I would focus on external loans or an assistantship. I'd start contacting professors or admissions for your field.
  6. FY5913

    Plan B?

    That's true--it could be a cultural thing. I've already taken one gap year and am trying to convince myself that the another year or two will still allow me to reach my goal, although it's starting to look like I won't have a choice lol. And thanks
  7. FY5913

    Plan B?

    Thanks! I will definitely look further into that. Maybe I can join a pharma and see if they'd pay lol
  8. FY5913

    Plan B?

    Thanks for the input. I've tried contacting a few PIs and some admissions advisors and they have all given me general "blah" answers, with the exception of my PI (who is pushing the MS). My concern is that I will be locked into an expensive program for the next 2 years when I may be able to improve my application through other means, such as working at labs. I'm just wondering whether that's the best course of action ...
  9. FY5913

    Plan B?

    Do you know any companies that would fund a MS? Here, only full-time employees have their courses covered and I can only claim part-time due to a lack of funding
  10. FY5913

    Plan B?

    Yes, it is. A MS wouldn't let me be a PI on studies or later go into academia ...
  11. FY5913

    Plan B?

    So at this point, it appears that I'm not going to be accepted into a Ph.D. program this year (0a/0w/3r/6). I know that my application was weak and that there are areas for improvement, so I'm starting to think about Plan B. A bit of background: My end goal is to get into a Neuroscience Ph.D. program and do translational research, focusing on molecular mechanisms and immunology. I have 1 year experience at an oncology/immunology lab with a co-authored manuscript in the works. My GRE and GPA were fine, but I have a BA in Psychology. I've been taking a few post-bac classes (Biochem, Genetics, etc.) to beef up my knowledge base and show that I can handle difficult bio courses and do well in them. Some people (my PI included) have advised me to get a MS in basic biological sciences. It's a less structured degree that I could modify by taking neuro related electives and doing the thesis/research option. However, I could also continue to work at my current lab and be certified in animal work and learn molecular work, get some publications, and reapply. Or I could apply a post-bac NIH program (no guarantee of getting in). Opinions? I'm a bit hesitant about the MS, since I'd be shelling out a lot of money and time and there are only a couple of PIs doing neuro-related research ... Thanks for any feedback!
  12. Everyone seems to think that I'm going to be accepted into a program. My PI has already told my coworkers to start looking for a replacement, and as far as my parents are concerned, I'm a shoe in. But ... I feel like I'm going to receive only rejections. Anyone else?
  13. I guess that my other question is what caliber programs I should look into. Obviously, I'm not going to get into a top 10 school, but would I stand a chance at, say, Minnesota, Emory, or Chicago? Or should I focus on lower to mid-ranged schools?
  14. I have taken two neuroscience courses, cell biology, basic bio, inorganic and organic chemistry, microbiology, and will take genetics and biochem next semester.
  15. Hi, guys! I'm hoping that someone can give me some advice. I have a 3.47 GPA, BA in psychology, and just received my GRE scores (159 verbal & 154 quant). I was really hoping to score higher, since my GPA is on the lower end. I am currently working in an oncology lab and hope to volunteer in a neuro lab after the Winter '16 semester. I am taking some more bio & chem courses to beef up my background knowledge. Based on previous applicants, what are my chances of getting into a good program? I have the time to retake the GRE (I will be applying next December). I may or may not have publications or a poster, though. I would love to get into Minnesota, but my quant score and GPA are on the lower side... Thanks!
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