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  1. Folks applying for Germany (ETA/Research) started to hear back yesterday night, if it's helpful for anyone to know!
  2. I got notification of my fellowship award on Wednesday (Graduate Student research - full year). In the letter it says to find a form called "Consent Processing Medical Data" to sign and return on the DAAD Portal website, does anyone know where to find that form?
  3. I had the first day of my new internship at the graduate division of my university, working on graduate student professional development! Very excited ?
  4. I'm not sure about insulted, but I am rather surprised that the conversation went this way. I am currently in a history Ph.D. program, and in my cohort, the majority of graduate students began the program after two or more years of work/life experience outside of the academy, rather than heading in straight from undergrad. Most of them say that what they did strengthened their applications, and most professors I have spoken to would agree - I for example was an overseas English teacher for two years in the country that is the focus of my historical research, and this has only been regarded pos
  5. I am not in SLP, but as someone in my 5th year of a Ph.D. program, my advice for covering rent is always to get one (or maybe two) side hustles, preferably on campus. Unless you're in a field with high levels of tipping, you'll make more per hour as a research assistant to a professor, or working for the student government (at my institution, there are many paid positions in student government, or as an intern in a graduate division or for a university administrator. These jobs usually have very flexible hours, often involve a monthly salary rather than being paid by the hour, and the work can
  6. I can second TMP. I have had grants from the DAAD before, and the sponsorship is a formality - the advisor is there for you if you need help (i.e. getting access to an archive, suggesting where you might go to look for a particular category of documents, allowing you to participate in their department's research colloquium, etc.). The relationship will be what you make of it - it's a way to form connections that might be useful to you while you're at your host institution/archives, but if you have it all figured out on your own, that's fine too. @Tigla I hadn't heard this, and I'm not
  7. Still nothing for US long-term research grantees either
  8. In Germany everything's closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday, so we won't have news until Tuesday at the earliest. Fingers crossed!
  9. Still nothing for long-term (academic year) US doctoral research grants, eh? Or does somebody know something I don't?
  10. I'm from the USA.
  11. Last year they sent out the email indicating change of status on the first Monday in March (at least to me) ... hopefully you'll all hear by the end of the week.
  12. I take notes during lecture or discussion on my laptop in the (free) Evernote program so that my notes are completely searchable, taggable, and synced across all devices in the cloud. The program also has the ability to link to bibliographical information of works mentioned in lecture, and I often download and attach the lecture slides as well if they are offered by the instructor on the course website. I strongly dislike paper weighing me down (especially since I travel a lot, and paper notebooks tend to wear down with time), and have thus chosen to go fully digital with my life (aside from t
  13. In my department, the website has a secure login for all students and faculty and we can update our own profiles whenever we want by logging in - even down to our profile picture and what we are teaching this semester.. I'd check with your webmaster and see if that is an option if you're concerned about the information getting outdated.
  14. I agree with what's been posted previously - If you're in the Bay Area or New York, anything under $1000/month for a private room in a shared living situation is probably either a scam or comes with significant issues (very dangerous neighborhood, crumbling apartment, landlord renting illegally without a proper lease so as to avoid rent control, etc.). I pay roughly 65% of my annual income towards rent/utilities, and I have what would be considered a really great deal in a mid-tier Bay Area neighborhood very close to my campus. The only way to get something cheaper in regards to rent is to com
  15. My first name is incredibly unique, and, combined with a flowery-sounding last name, has led friends to joke that I should have been a romance novelist and am missing my true calling (seriously, my name doesn't even sound like a real name, it sounds like a nom de plume that somebody made up). That being said, there is no danger that I will ever meet anyone with the same name to compete with for publishing purposes. I'd never include the middle name or middle initial, as I think it would be overkill.
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