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  1. Fall 2018 Applicants

    For some institutions, like Harvard for example, this is the case. For others, however, they are willing to give more funding to attract candidates they really want. One potential problem that I ran into when negotiating funding for my first masters, however, was the problem of peer institutions. If you have a better offer from a lesser known school, an institution of higher ranking is unlikely to match it. Though it should be mentioned that this was with a different discipline.
  2. Fall 2018 Applicants

    There was a couple notifications from Penn about interviews for the Ancient field, but from previous years they tend to send their requests earlier than others (or at least i’m hoping that is the case).
  3. What are the hottest specialties in history right now?

    Dear God i'm bored. When do notifications start coming out again?
  4. Low GRE AW Score

    I know this is late, but Econ committee do not care at all about your AWA score. They really only look at Quant.
  5. Changing Fields Please help

    I would recommend UT's Masters program, as it is only one year and does not have a thesis requirement, though to be honest if you have not background in math it may be difficult to complete the MA. They do have a math camp over the summer, but it is usually just a review for students. I would suggest taking courses at a local community college if you are serious about econ. You need at least Calc 1, but I would even do up to Calc 3. Calc 2 is pretty useless for Econ, but multivariable optimization is something you will do pretty much nonstop in graduate level econ courses.
  6. Fall 2018 Applicants

    From what I've been told, applications are reviewed by the faculty of the potential student's sub discipline at Yale. Early Modernists, for example, will read the applications for the early modernists, and they will rank their top students and then meet to see how the lists match up. That being said, as @telkanuru stated it's still crazy political. Sometimes a student will not be accepted simply because his or her potential adviser got a student last year.
  7. How many applications are too many? - English Reformation

    I'm surprised about Vanderbilt's placement considering how generally well regarded Peter Lake is in well respected in early modern England.... Is it the resources of the school perhaps?
  8. Intensive Summer Italian

    I second this! I've heard fantastic things about the Middlebury program from my Professors and classmates who attended. I'll be there this summer actually, but in the French program.
  9. How many applications are too many? - English Reformation

    Carlos is great! Keith Wrightson is getting ready to retire in the next couple of years, but Bruce Gordon may also be someone to look at. He doesn't work specifically on England but he'd be able to help advise.
  10. Fall 2018 Applicants

    More like squares...
  11. How many schools should I apply to?

    I know this has been stressed on other threads but make sure to contact POIs before applying! A couple of schools have been moved off my list already because a POI is getting ready to retire.
  12. Learning how to ask and answer historical questions

    I've also struggled with this question, because there really is no clear answer. There are so many different ways to approach history that one clear methodology isn't usually possible. For me, I've found it helpful when looking through primary sources to look for "weird" things--something that doesn't make sense to you. Is it weird, given what you know, for an author to be talking about something in a way other than what you expect? Research more into that. This method is how I've arrived at my MA thesis project. From an inter-disciplineary standpoint, see how the questions you would normally ask or the topics that you would normally study are handled in History. When all else fails, imitation (in terms of methodology) is the highest form of flattery. Read secondary sources, find one or two that you really liked, and look at how they structured their research. Hope this helps!
  13. Top Econ PhD: GRE AW 4.5 too low?

    From what I've been told no. When I was at UT, a faculty member that was on the admissions committee basically said that they didn't read it. I wouldn't completely blow it off and not do it, but I don't think it needs to be the main focus of your application.
  14. Profile Eval Masters / PhD

    No problem! The math background is a major plus. The fact that you didn't have math in your econ classes is a little worrying, but since most of it at that level is just straight optimization, I won't really worry too much about it. Also, the AWA scores don't matter at all. If they need an example of your writing, they will look to your Statement of Purpose but almost no one does. With what you've told me, Ph.D sounds like the best route to go down, but like I've said before I would also apply to a few MA programs just in case.
  15. C in Intermediate Micro. Am I doomed?

    Not necessarily. If it is an outlier, i.e if the rest of your transcript is good, then you can probably just explain what happened in your statement of purpose. It's important for Ph.D programs to see momentum, or that your last two years of undergrad are really strong.