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  1. Did anyone else have a problem with the application materials section? My advisor upload his letter three times and the website still says that it's missing it.
  2. I’m thinking tomorrow. Yale’s responses have been pretty consistent for at least the last two years.
  3. Went to check results and saw this. Thought you all would get a kick out of it.
  4. Here’s hoping! I’m wondering if creating a waitlist is what pushed notifications back.
  5. Hey khigh! Not sure if you're going to still be reading this but I figured I'd post about my experience in the hopes it helps. Two years ago I applied for Ph.Ds for the first time, though it was in a different discipline. I didn't have a high enough GRE Quant score (it's all about numbers there), and after a particularly long and drawn out applications cycle I didn't get into anywhere accept for 1 masters program I applied to as a fluke. A year into that program and I realized that the other discipline wasn't really for me and decided to go back to history, something I always loved but was advised against because of the job market (as I'm sure we all have). Yet again I was rejected from every single Ph.D program I applied to, getting into yet another masters program. Please understand when I say I know EXACTLY how you feel getting rejected from every place you've applied to. I had that same feeling again when Penn sent out interview requests a few weeks ago and I didn't get one. I tell you this, and post it here instead of doing a PM, in the hopes that others who are in a similar position to where I was to know that many others also know what this feels like. That being said, I humbly offer the following pieces of advice: 1) Get off Gradcafe: I'm saying this for your sake. You need to get away from this environment and the constant reminder. At this point it may have become a habit, checking your email every 15 minutes and Gradcafe every half hour, but no matter how good your intentions are, seeing other people getting into programs just twists that knife. You can certainly come back! The advice on this thread really is useful and it's great meeting people who understand what going through a cycle is like, but you need time for you right now. 2) Treat yourself: Go see a baseball game (do they have baseball games now? Idk), get a nice dinner, watch RuPaul's Drag Race, do something you've always wanted to do, surround yourself with friends and family. Even the smallest of things can make a big difference. 3) Let some time pass, maybe a week or maybe two, but give yourself time. Then start reaching back out to POIs and see where you went wrong. I think that at this point of the application season tensions are running a bit high, and it's easy to forget that we're all going through this together. Hopefully this helps!
  6. I too see both sides. On the one hand, I come to this thread looking for information about moves from adcoms that hadn’t made its way over to the results board yet (Chicago for example). While on the other hand, having a place to vent and seek advice from others regarding what to do if not accepted is also very useful, as long as the advice is kept general enough to apply to a multitude of people, which it mostly has here. I’m certainly guilty of posting a non admissions related meme or two... I also kind of see this issue as harmless at this point, becase while there has been some movement for schools, the majority usually make their decisions starting this coming week. I think we can do a few different things if people want to make a board specifically for results. 1) create an admissions/rejections thread. I’ve seen this done in other boards (I think Lit has one if i’m not mistaken). 2) create a decisions thread a little early
  7. I think some depend on time zones. For me, at a certain time (usually around 8 pm), posts updated are given a time stamp for the next day. That, and quite a few are just updates--still useful though. Generally speaking, however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement on the weekends.
  8. I hate the weekends the most because nothing ever happens but I'm still sitting around on edge like...
  9. The results section of this website. There’s a bar for it up at the top of the site or you can just google it.
  10. I was too. There was someone who posted about being waitlisted but I wonder if they called their POI. Apparently Berkeley sends out some acceptances first and then rejections a couple of days later, at least according to the past entries. Unless they are waiting to do everything at once, I think we may see acceptances in the next couple of days and then rejections shortly after.
  11. I’ve heard no, but I can’t remember from where/whom.
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