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  1. Same! Had an informal interview a few weeks ago, and I'm now feverishly checking my inbox...good luck everyone
  2. Hi all, I'm late. I'm the UIUC admit, logging into my account after 2 years to reply! I was originally also mystified by how early the decision was, and now I get it. I'm applying for African History with a focus on South African political movements - the African National Congress, specifically - that were exiled in East Africa during the 1960s and 70s. @jocorac, I'm teaching high school US history now! Did you teach social studies? Good luck to everyone!!
  3. Hi SSA folks! Did anyone ever make that Facebook group? I'm trying to figure out this visa/background check business ;
  4. Recommended for a research grant to South Africa! I saw this e-mail moments after I found out the student I've been tutoring all year finally passed her math standardized test (on her 3rd try) and will be able to graduate! Ahh.
  5. Hey, I was actually going with my mom who was planning on starting up a study abroad program so there were just a lot of meetings with administrators. But the campus overall has a nice vibe-it's not too far from Nairobi and there's a shuttle, so that's good. There's great resources as well. Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit any classes...
  6. Hey, ConservationBiologist14, Kenyatta University is a great place (speaking from experience..)! I visited last summer. I'm prospectively applying for an ETA in Laos. Let the (Fulbright) games begin...
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