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  1. Hi all, does anyone know if all of the UPenn interview requests have gone out? I have a feeling interviews are this week... Thank you!
  2. Hello all. I’m a lurker as well. I have a bit of an unusual situation. I applied last year, and was admitted to three mid-level programs, as well as masters at Chicago. I already hold a doctoral, however, in music performance, from a top 10 school. I ended up not beginning a program this year, as it overlapped with the end of my DMA and defense, and other research I am in the midst of now. The adviser was a great fit, but the department and location less so. I research the arts from mass atrocity in the former USSR including Holodomor, the Holocaust on Soviet Territories, and the Stalinist Gulag system. I applied again to PhD this year: to Brown and Penn in History, and Chicago in Musicology. I also applied to 8 post docs with my DMA. Good luck to to everyone applying. Does anyone know when post docs notify? March or April I’m guessing.... Also, if anyone is currently at Brown, I’d love to chat if I’m admitted. I have more colleagues at Penn and Chicago, so the departments and cities are more familiar to me.
  3. Admitted to UC Riverside! I'm thrilled as there is a faculty member there, who has a fantastic mongraph on the topic on which I will also write. For anyone waiting from them, they said that the graduate college is being a little slow processing things this year. Patience...
  4. Accepted to Masters at Harvard. - an honor, but I want a PhD program. Accepted to PhD at UC Boulder with excellent funding. Waiting on UCR, Clark, and Chicago (assuming no). Anyone going to Boulder in March?
  5. Ah! sounds like some exciting plans for you, regardless with the condo. Congrats! I might drop you a private message if I do get into Clark. I'm interested in buying a condo wherever I go, so somewhere not so wealthy would actually be helpful to me...
  6. Good to know. It's a unique fit for me as I'm doing research on comparative genocide: Armenia, Holodomor, Holocaust, and they have that blend of faculty members there. I don't know much about Worcester or the area. My best friend is from near there, but I've always lived out west or NYC. I was in touch in October and November with a few people over the phone and several more by email. We shall see. It's intriguing for sure. Did you apply for general history there?
  7. helpful, thanks much! It's an unusual program, so not much on the results boards.
  8. Longtime lurker as well! Congrats to everyone accepted! I've heard some unofficial (good) news from Chicago and Harvard, but am waiting for everything to be confirmed before posting in results. I applied to Harvard, U Chicago, Boulder, and Riverside for History, Clark for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Princeton for Musicology. I'm a bit of a weird case, I'm finishing doctoral in violin performance, and research cultural commemoration of Genocide in the USSR as it relates to formation of modern states post-Communism. I do research, but also historically and politically informed performances in the former USSR. Good luck!
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