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  1. I'm busy looking for an assistantship elsewhere on campus since my department doesn't have any funding available for MA students. I have a good lead on one and should find out early next month. Other than that, I've established a great relationship with my POI. I've enrolled in directed readings with him for both summer and fall. I'm gathering articles for them now. I hope everyone has a great summer!
  2. Hi and thanks for your response, Neist! I'm going to start feeling out the GA situation on campus so I might have some questions for you. It's good to know that there are a lot of options!
  3. Thanks! I also live in Norman so if anyone has questions about the town, etc. I'm happy to try and help.
  4. I just got accepted to Oklahoma this afternoon. Received email to check the website. No word yet on funding opportunities. Very happy that the wait is over! Is anyone else planning on attending?
  5. Hi all, is anyone else waiting to hear from the University of Oklahoma? Any info much appreciated and good luck to everyone.
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