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  1. I am a Psychology major and will have nearly 1.5 years of experience working as an undergraduate research assistant upon graduation. While these experiences were not directly applicable to social psychology or social services type work, they did involve direct interaction with participants and their children. Will these experiences aid my graduate application this upcoming fall? Additionally, I will have 9 months experience working with foster youth through my field study placement. I am planning to work in a social service type position after graduating while I apply to graduate programs
  2. Hi everyone, Throughout the individual programs I have been researching I've found it's rather arbitrary what counts as "relevant experience". My particular question is whether volunteering in a low income community resource center providing mentorship, tutoring, and supervision counts as relevant experience when applying for most MSW programs? I have found posts on here stating that any form of "tutoring" is more teaching experience versus true social service experience. What are your thoughts/experiences with this? I am very excited about my volunteer opportunity to help out with
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