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  1. Hi MonstersU-Terp! I'm sure others will chime in with great advice, but meanwhile I just wanted to say: don't panic. Seems to me you might be worrying too much about this, which is totally understandable and most of us do it all the time - but often the situation is not as bad as we think. Like you said, they don't know you yet - so perhaps they were upset that you took time off without letting your advisor know, which is indeed a mistake but one that you apologized for. Just carry on, work hard, and keep being friendly. Over time they will get to know you and your work ethic. You can't rea
  2. Hi Nicholassss! Based on your interests in theoretical semantics, pragmatics and syntax, as well as Psycholing, I strongly suggest you look into USC. I am, of course, biased, since that's where I go - so feel free to send any questions my way if you're interested!
  3. Hey guys, does anyone knows of good resources for looking into this? I know there are very few opportunities (or at least there seems to be...) for external funding for non-US citizens in the US, particularly in our field, and I'm having trouble finding any info on this. Suggestions? Thank you!
  4. Any chance professor A is leaving for another University, or retiring?
  5. Agreed! Veep is awesome. AND JERICHO! I thought I was the only person who loved that show
  6. I'm procrastinating by watching Hannibal, but it has been giving me nightmares. I'm pretty sad Garfunkel and Oates only had one season. I've been thinking of starting Twin Peaks once I'm done with Hannibal, although that might not end the nightmares. What have you been watching? What do you recommend?
  7. I would start reading up on every single recent article on Topic B out there. I usually get pretty excited about a topic after reading some cool studies on it. See if you can make yourself more into Topic B.
  8. That's a pretty cool pitch. Made me wanna hear more! Have you ever thought about sending a two-minute pitch to PhD comics? They sometimes do animations about people's research (as you probably already know, but now I wanna see one on Hot Jupiters!!!) The IRB is what makes me learn how to explain my research to the general audience. I need to do it, otherwise they won't give me approval to conduct experimental work. I think that is a great requirement for anyone working with human subjects.
  9. There's always stuff to talk about! "What's your favorite thing about doing X?", "That sounds challenging because of Y. What has your experience been like?", "When did you realize you wanted to do Z?".
  10. I think fuzzy is correct. I received my SSN with a note with DHS authorization years ago for the masters; now I'm at a different school doing the PhD. Same SSN.
  11. Hi gang, I'll be attending classes at UChicago for one month (July) and I'm looking for a place to sublet, but I was wondering exactly what area around Campus is the safest (North of Campus? South? How far?). Any other neighborhoods that would be alright to stay at? Thanks!
  12. Hi fuzzy, I got super interested in your answer. Could you expand a little, particularly on how early decisions affect who you become later on? What kinds of decisions? (First-year student here, trying to absorb as much knowledge about this process as possible ) Hi OP! What surprised me the most was the stress/anxiety that came along with my first semester in a PhD program. I had already done an MA, and I'm slightly older than the average student, so I thought I was 'prepared'... well, now I am actively trying to find more balance in my life (eat healthier, exercise) to make this whole ex
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