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  1. Ok, a few things that you may wish to keep in mind. If you are joining, are you joining as enlisted or officer, with a bachelors, or higher, you may wish to look into officer. If you go enlisted, every time you speak to someone, and mention you schooling will tell that you should go officer. PS, coast Guard may be a better choice. Point 2:, not very important, but the two weeks can be anytime doing the fiscal year, not necessarily in the summer, but that is usually what everyone says. Also, if you join a unit that does Unit AT, you may be required to the the AT (two weeks, or more, or less) w
  2. I know that most people, once in the science sides stay there, and likewise with the humanities. Though very seldomly, sometimes, there are those who upon acquiring a masters in one may decide to combine, or switch to the other side. I am currently in such predicament. I currently have a masters in French and Francophone studies, a semester to complete my masters in Linguistics, but I want to switch to Soil and Water Science, or AgroForestry. I do not want to forgo of my linguistics ( maybe) but I really want to further my studies in the Ag dep. Any comments, concerns, opinions would help with
  3. This topic regards the applications of the combinations of multiple fields and their outcomes. Raise questions about combining different fields, (sciences and humanities), and how these can be done.
  4. Awesome Sociolinguist, I will see you then. What are you presenting? I officially will be attending SLA in Portland. If anyone here is attending, holler.
  5. Awesome. Thank you. I am planning on attending LSA. I will be making that decision over during this weekend. Which admission are you awaiting on?
  6. Also, have you been to these places? what is housing, and transportation is like?
  7. Also, logdice, Have you attended any of the previous LSA conferences?
  8. Hey Logdice, that is super Awesome. This will be my first time. I am glad to find someone who will be there. I was also considering going to the LSA Summer Institute in Chicago over the summer as well. I was not planning on the NAACL conference coincide on the last day with the DSNA. I am however highly thinking of attending the LSA Conference. Let me know if you end up going. These will also be my first conferences outside of Florida as well. So, I am not sure what to expect just yet. Any pointers would be awesome.
  9. I will be doing my first Conference Presentation as well at Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA) Conference in Colombia, Canada, in June 2015. I am looking forward to it, but there is also a lot that I need to prepare for.
  10. Hi Alishka, That sounds like fun. I do am not attending that one. So you will be presenting? have you presented at small conferences, like at your university or so be this one?
  11. To answer your question, first, I am not applying to Stony Brook. However, if you can not find the length requirements, you can go with the standard, which is "two pages, double space, 12 pt font" and your choice of font theme, but usual TNR,or Arial works. If you receive an answer that is different from this one, it will not be extremely different. If it is extremely different, let us know so that we know there is a different set of reqs that deviate from this one. Best.
  12. Since 2014 is almost over, as well as application for 2014's events, this is a forum for the events taking place in the following year. If you are attending, or having any questions on attending any workshop or conference this following year. Workshops and Conferences, amongst others are great ways to not only learn from colleagues, but also meet others to create connections, and possibly collaborate with. That is how you get your name out there, by attending, and or presenting at these events. Comments, Questions, Concerns are welcome. JD.
  13. Awesome. by birthing, I mean living arrangements
  14. Ok, is there a max/min amount of classes? how many classes can one take? Does the price vary depending on amount of courses? How is birthing arranged? or is not excluded? What else do you do there beside the class?
  15. To start, who is interested in attending this event for summer 2015? and who has already attended and can offer some info? I am interested in attending because of the lexicography course. but I am thinking of taking other courses as well. Also, how does it count in the different Universities?
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