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  1. Congrats!! I think it means your chances of getting in just went up, and you're on the short list for admission! You should definitely go, and put on your best face, expect a casual interview. They're feeling you out to see if you'll be a good candidate.
  2. Ugh oh man! Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  3. Ugh that sucks, I am so sorry! I just found out I may need oral surgery, like I have the money for that right now... ugh! Hasn't been my week either but I'm trying to keep my chin up! We can do it!!
  4. Yes indeed. If I don't get full funding, I'm willing to take out a small amount of loans if I have to, as right now my loan debt isn't that bad at all compared to most, and with my degree I expect my return on that investment to be pretty high. But if I don't get any funding... all the schools I have applied to are out of state, and I am just not willing to go into that much debt.
  5. Congrats to all who have gotten offers, and condolences to those who haven't yet gotten any! I've applied to 3 schools, and so far have one offer (not funded though, poo, and to me a non-funded offer is no offer) and am eagerly awaiting hearing from the others. I feel like I have a pretty good chance of getting into both, and a great chance at getting into one of them, but the waiting is kiiiiiiilllllinnnng meeeeeee. I just want to know! Also I have senioritis really badly right now. I have an exam tomorrow that I really haven't studied for :-/ so I guess I need to get on that instea
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently an undergraduate senior and soon I will be applying for MS grad programs for Fall 2016 admission. I have a question about some communication protocol here, and am looking for some advice. A program at the top of my list has a research group led by two PIs. Earlier in the summer, I reached out to one of the PIs via email to introduce myself, to ask some questions about the program/group, etc, and it was well received; after a few emails, I think the PI is very interested in me. I asked if it was okay if I contacted the other PI, and I was told sure, go ahead, that
  7. GeoDUDE! thanks for your reply. I'm looking to get into a PhD in the earth sciences as well! I have a few followup questions if you do not mind. It would not be a big deal for me to visit some of the schools I am interested in; it is also very important to me that I like the area that I will be working/living in so I'd like to visit my top contenders if possible. However, I am not familiar with this process- I didn't know they would pay to have you travel out! Would that be something that they would offer, or would I have to inquire about that? Also, they would write a grant for me? I
  8. Hello all, I will be graduating in Spring 2016 (it seems so close yet so far away!) and I am wondering if now is too soon to start emailing potential advisors for Fall 2016 admission. If so, when is a good time to start? It would be nice to visit a few places in the fall and be able to meet with people I've already built a rapport with. Additionally, other than studying for the GRE and researching potential programs, is there anything else I can be doing now to prepare? Thanks!
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