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  1. helpmegradcafe

    Newark, DE

    Hey if any U Delaware grad students are looking for a roommate next year message me!
  2. University of Delaware!!! ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE
  3. Yeah I was so sure it would be Williams too! But UMass is such a good program, and they probably have a Starbucks there
  4. Congratulations!! It must feel so good to finally be done.
  5. Yes I completely agree. I have turned down all of my offers that I am sure I will not be accepting and am just waiting on 2 schools to tell me about funding, which is why I am waiting until the last minute. As someone on a waitlist for funding, it really would be amazing if people could turn down their offers as soon as they can. A lot of us are probably going to be faced with the choice of just accepting offers on the 15th and just hoping that funding comes through.
  6. Hello friends, the end is almost here and for some of us it already is a done deal. So I thought it might be a good idea for people to post where they have decided to attend, both for funsies and because it might be useful if people want to get in touch with those who will be in their cohort. so have at it.
  7. I'm fairly positive but I will probably wait until the last minute, just in case. Imma start a thread on here for where everyone ends up--I'm really curious
  8. Congrats!! You hadn't accepted an offer anywhere else already?
  9. I'm in the same boat. This last Friday I just broke down and decided to email the DGS of the program I'm most considering and basically was just like "do you know when I might be able to expect an answer about funding?" I think they have to wait as long as they can to inform MA students because they are waiting for phD students to turn down their offers, so I'm sure they probably aren't trying to be cagey about it. But the deadline is approaching so they need to get on it.
  10. Hey you might want to email them- their deadline to accept their admissions offer is April 1. Maybe you are on a waitlist or something. May I ask what your top choice was for the special option?
  11. Firstly, congrats on getting into two excellent programs! Either is an awesome choice. If you aren't planning on going into a PhD program, either is going to set you up nicely; they are both well known as highly respected institutions outside of academia, so you already have name recognition going for you. So I think you should probably focus on what is the best personal fit for you and what you are comfortable with. I am much more familiar with the Courtauld's program (and was admitted but sadly won't be attending). If money isn't an issue, I would say be adventurous and go for the C
  12. Ok that is good to hear. Yeah the wait is very stressful at this point. Hopefully they let us know this week one way or the other; I need this over. Good luck!
  13. wait my status on UVA's website hasn't changed from "submitted"...GAHHHHHHHH
  14. May I ask if you guys who just checked UVA were sent an email notifying you to check the website? and congrats on your awesome prospects to both of you!! Honestly, part of me is somewhat praying I am rejected from UVA just so that my decision is easier.
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