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  1. Thanks for the reply Vikas ... Luks lyk u r going 2 THE mit ... but yea boston we wud b nearby ...
  2. Hi All, I am going to Northeastern University, Boston, this fall for MS in ECE. Anyone else going there too ? I am an international applicant so haven't been there , but from what i read in the internet , Boston is cool city ... ??
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have not been interviewed. I have applied for MS and I dont think they are interviewing MS applicants. I emailed my top choice program but got an automated reply with a link to FAQ section.. So i guess i sure need to call them .. Its sunday today , so I will call them tomorrow .. Thanks again ..
  4. Hi all, I have been accepted to a grad school but I need to Accept/Decline by April 1 . But I am still waiting for the decision from my top choice. If I do not get a decision from my top choice school by March 31st then definitely I need to Accept the offer from this school. But If I get admitted to my top choice school after I have already accepted to his school , can I just not attend this school and go to my top choice. Or will I be obliged to attend this school once I accept the offer ? Please advise. Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys , Finally, I got a decision from one of the schools I was waiting. Its an ADMIT . Phew !! I have not got any email though.. I just checked the application website and it had my admission decision . But it has asked my to Accept/Decline by April 1 , and I am not sure what to do , coz I am still waiting for my first choice .. ... No funding I guess (unless something else is stated when I get the mail (if i ever receive it )) ... Applied for thesis-track ..but have been offered course-only track .. oh well ... better than reject nonetheless i guess .. I hope I get
  6. Lol I guess the admission folks are doing a world class out of the planet cutting edge groundbreaking innovative research on my application ...
  7. I have a mail from one of my schools saying that they anticipate an admission decision by late march or early April .. Damn if I have to wait untill April 15 to find out !!!!!!! Its almost a month more .......
  8. Hey thanks for the kind words ... Actually a couple of application of mine got wasted coz of recommendation. But not all of them.. and fortunately, i have few completed application ... at least ..
  9. I dont wake up midnight everytime .... but whenever i do by some chance..i do check the inbox hehe ....
  10. I've seen all Football World cup goals ,2010, 2006,2002 ,1998 and 1994 till now ... seems like i will need to see more ... problem is that ..watching all goals of a particular world cup in youtube takes only 15-20 mins ...
  11. Thanks for the responses !!! Damn... now ill be waiting for emails on weekends as well !!!
  12. Is there any chance of getting admission decision on Saturday or Sunday ?? Just wonderin ...
  13. Yes Definately !!! At least call them and ask if its possible. No harm calling them right . It would cost you addtitional 25 $ per school though, as you know .
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