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  1. Hi! I also applied to SciPo & LSE dual programme. I have not heard anything back so I gave up on it since I had to tell my other schools whether or not if I am going or not xD. Congrats on your acceptance! Good luck on the Dual programme!!
  2. Dpgu, you've chosen LSE? Awesome! Let's hang out in the UK . Btw, great response up there
  3. I just spent my whole weekend reading on how UK students think American students are a joke, particularly Oxford students to Harvard students. Makes me almost regret choosing a UK school over an American school. For future reference, avoid TSR.
  4. @HKSai Yes. I've been taking classes for a risk management certificate out of NYU. I am about 5 classes from finishing and the school that I am rejecting kept on sending me asking me was I sure that I will not be attending NYU in the Fall. The school that I will be attending in the Fall is NOT NYU. Just to clarify
  5. I have already made my choice for graduate school. In terms of prestige, ranking and job prospects, my choice is a lot higher ranked than my other schools. Not only that but it is spreaded out a lot longer so they had time to drill career and thesis skills onto you. Not only that but my current choice provides more opportunities for me. All schools that I applied to gave me almost full funding so my decision is not based on funding. The issue is that the other schools are way more friendly. Some of them have already invited me over for mixers & to meet my future cohorts & students
  6. My friends are all in either medical school, law school, or getting a masters in engineering...so I am sort of glad that they will be using my flat as a homebase in the UK. ****I am in NYC and most of my friends are all over the world currently****** The ones that are out in the "real world", I talk to them every day on fb so it isn't as bad. Goddamn PsychD, you can not catch a break.
  7. I think you will have a great chance if you take some post-bac classes in IR and show that you care and that this isn't a midlife crisis or you are bored with your job. Do some volunteering in that area too such as political rallies. You need things to show that you are serious about this change. I am doing the business route in UCL. The only reason why I got in, from a political science background, is because I've been taking finance classes for the last 2 years. It also helps that I've been running a blog on business too. If you show that you are taking this seriously and this isn't a w
  8. Hello Angie, I heard back from Emile Bout Scholarship today. I got it but unfortunately, I will be turning it down for UCL. Hopefully you got it
  9. Well, it depends on what and where you want to do/live for the rest of your life. From what I've gathered from HR managers, the first 2 years of employment in your career is dominant where you went to school. After these two years pass, it doesn't really matter. This is not to say that if you have gone to an ivy league school though! That brand value will be carried with you for the rest of your life because of the preconceived ideas about that institution. I would definitely go with France if you want to learn French. I think SciencePo forces you to learn a new language during your f
  10. Aww, I am sorry Hcmg. Just apply next year! Good luck! We will be here for you next year . Anyone want to meet up if some of us end up in the UK? I really don't want to be alone there...like a dog especially since I can't adopt or foster an animal. P.S. It is a huge dream of mine to wear the black Sith robe and march down the long fancy halls while blasting the Imperial March for all to hear. Long live that dream
  11. Ty Angie . Yup, I applied. I didn't hear back from Emile Boutmy Scholarship yet. I talked to the admissions' director, we are supposed to hear back from them late April. But from previous forum threads, most people heard back late April to early May and I need to respond back by the end of April for the others. Yea... I am not waiting that long. Such a shame, I really do like SciencePo's world ranking and their modules but their administration issue is a total turn-off for me. I also work with a lot of French (predominantly Parisians) people and I do NOT have a very pleasant experien
  12. Hcmg & Mych, I just got my acceptance to SciencePo at 5:41 AM EST. So keep a look out for that email! I think it should arrive by the end of this week . No word on the dual programmes though. @thepool I think you should apply anyway. If you have strong LoRs, distinctive and/or unusual work history and a really good SoP, I think you have strong chance of getting pass even if your GPA is not at the required place. GPA isn't a make-it-or-break it situation alone. Word of caution on SciencePo, don't apply after December or you are going to have a VERY long wait. SciencePo does e
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