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  1. Rejected everywhere. Now what? Been accepted to two conferences and was interviewed by an international newspaper about my work, but I can't get into a PhD program? This is confusing and embarrassing. I don't know if I will reapply next year, I think it is time to change careers..

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    2. PhDreams


      I am sooooo sorry! You are amazing! GIANT HUGS!!! Please don't give up... We want you and we need you! I really, really believe that things always work themselves out. Sometimes it's not the way you thought they would...sometimes it's even better. I have faith that you have bigger and better things ahead of you this year.

    3. Ameonna


      There is plenty of time to get your energy back. It's totally normal to be upset and punch pillows and suffer from these feelings, but it's good to remember that there is some time before you reapply again, and I know you can do it and get over this hurdle!

    4. Clou12


      I think I am going to go punch pillows and open that bottle of whiskey! Thanks everyone and I wish you the best of luck! Group Hug!

  2. So my background has been education and in hindsight I think I know where I may have went wrong this application season. First, it was applying to a broad range of programs like ethnic studies, social policy and interdisciplinary studies, instead of my field of education. The reason why I didn't apply to many education PhD programs because I wanted more diversity in job options later, not being confined to just education (I have a master's in international ed policy already) and the real reason, a lot of the top programs tend to focus on US based urban education. That is not my area of interes
  3. Saw some acceptances on 2/18 on the results board. I guess I can expect another rejection any day now. *sigh*

  4. Thank you very much FutureEdStudent12. This program was not an Ed program, so I guess I kinda expected not to get in. I hope to hear some good news soon though!
  5. My silence has been broken. Just got an email from USC rejecting me. Actually, not hurt by it. Just hoping this is the start of hearing back from the other schools...of course, I would prefer acceptances next time!
  6. Just got rejected from USC ASE a few minutes ago. 127 apps, 9 acceptances. Good luck to you all!
  7. I just got my first response, a rejection, a few minutes ago. Weird, but I feel relieved just to have heard back from somewhere. I am not disappointed at all because I didn't really want to attend that institution in the first place. Therefore, I didn't spend much time polishing my application. So it was expected.
  8. Got my first rejection! Woo-hoo!

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    2. Ameonna


      Don't let it get you down! An acceptance might be just around the corner. :D

    3. Clou12


      I hope so guys, this is my first response from any school!

    4. cokohlik


      I have a good feeling :) my first notice was a rejection too, but I just got my first acceptance (to an MA program, but a program nonetheless!) Fingers crossed! I hope you hear back soon...

  9. This is such a bright spot. That is my only weak area. Thank you for sharing, you restored my hope.
  10. I am 34 and applying now for a PhD. I worry about not starting a family, building retirement, losing income etc. I am excited about putting my years of experience and translate it into research and sharing with others in a program of somewhat "equally minded" people. As far as having kids while doing your PhD. I have several PhD friends who said do it after coursework is completed, then it is easier to manage. That is my plan, if I get in. Oh and if I find a hubby.
  11. The financial aid offices need to stop sending me emails until I hear back from the school. The emails are giving me heart attacks!

  12. Yeah, who posted about USC? Can someone claim it please? Deets, deets!
  13. As time goes on and still no word from anyone... I might just treat myself to therapy now. Also, I have to invest in a new wine bottle opener. I broke mine a few days ago. What a cruel, cruel world. Ha.
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