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  1. Im finally back. Had to step away and catch up with the some work. Hope everyone had a successful cycle. Best of luck to all!
  2. I applied to 8 schools this round. Rejected from 5! Accepted at 3. No waitlists. It can happen!
  3. Thanks everyone! You all have been fantastic once again! I love my GC-ers. Best to everyone <3
  4. I officially just filled out my form to decline my offer at UPenn sociocultural. I hope that someone is able to get off the waitlist and enjoy their very generous funding offer! Best of luck to everyone!!!!!!
  5. I'm about 90% sure I'm turning down my UPenn offer. I still have yet to visit,but it looks like I am going to pass on their offer if that helps. I'm trying to schedule a visit as soon as possible because visits can change everything.
  6. Just got back! Pretty big cohort- 15 or so. Equally divided between definitely will attend and weighing other offers. Program seems well-funded. All students are guaranteed TAships, health insurance, and access to student housing. close to 100% placement rates once degreed. newer office spaces. great weather. doesnt seem there was a waitlist of any sort.
  7. Yale- Then you would be doubling your network, not having to worry about a teaching load, would get the undivided attention from an advisor ( amazing!), opportunity to build own curriculum and explore different topics since you have yet to nail down a topic. Snow men don't get enough credit for being awesome... seriously. You'll get to love the winters.
  8. I have no idea how UCI works but we have our visit day next Monday. I'm not sure about anything regarding "rounds" since we werent given any information regarding dates to accept/reject their offer. Do you know that they do rounds of acceptances? The cohort already seemed rather large based on their email that said that something like 10% of the applicants were admitted. I'll post more info when I get back next week!
  9. Thanks for this great post and great thread. I'm in the exact same predicament. I have no idea what to do. East Coast vs West Coast (knowing I want to end up on the West Coast). Do I go to the name brand program with a lot of financial support? Or do I go for the place that I may be in a tighter financial situation but may be happier with other things? I'm not exacly sure how much money should play into this decision knowing that one school has a significant advantage over the other schools to support things like summers, conferences, etc. What do I do? Visits are coming up next week. I re
  10. Congrats to everyone on this board and best of luck to everyone still waiting! Although it's winding down, it's not over yet!! <3
  11. Yep ...the biggest cohorts are officially EPM and IEP..followed probably by Higher Ed and AIE ?(which just got increased last year) is my guess.
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