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  1. Congratulations!!!! If after the interview you can share with us anything about the experience, I would very much appreciate it. Good luck!
  2. I know it's late, but if it's still useful I can look it over. PM me.
  3. Are you applying to an MA program with the intention to pursue a PhD in this other institution? If so, why not only mention that you're applying to this program in order to pursue a PhD in the future? Why would they need to know exactly which PhD you are expecting tu pursue afterwards? Most institutions actually want you to pursue the PhD in a different place, so for an MA program, they probably don't expect you to stay with them. I wouldn't mention it at all.
  4. I would briefly address it. I can't see how it can harm you. On the contrary, it might show them how committed and determined you are to this program. I would make sure though to explicitly (and briefly) mention the things you have done and the ways in which you are more prepared than last year (which I assume you'll do!). If you almost made it the year before, and you have done things to improve (and are smart at addressing them), then I would say you are an advantaged applicant.
  5. Hi everyone! I have one quick (and silly) question about writing the SOP for CUNY. How would you address the university's name? “I am applying to CUNY”? “I am applying to the Graduate Center at CUNY” “I am applying to the Graduate Center at the City University of New York”
  6. Hi everyone! Does anybody know if interviews are usual during the application process for art history programs? If so, which schools are more likely to interview their top applicants? Since this information is not usually available on their websites, I thought it would be interesting to know...
  7. Well, his response to your request doesn't seem inappropriate to me... he told you he would be happy to write the letter, and expressed a relatively reasonable concern (the time gap) that might or might not be an excuse to hide his being uncomfortable writing the letter for the reasons you mention. In any case, if there is an awkward situation that doesn't make YOU comfortable, and especially if you have other options, I wouldn't waste my time with him. And if you ever felt mistreated by his conduct, I would have serious doubts that his letter would be of any benefit for you.
  8. Given the inappropriateness / awkwardness of the whole situation, may I ask why do you think he will write a good letter for you?
  9. Hi! Where in the CV would you include this information? Would you include it at all? I did 2 years of a BA related to my field and think it's important to include this information. Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, I sent an email to the department a couple of days ago but haven't received any answer. Since I am polishing my SOP, and Mitchell is one of the main reasons I'm applying to this program, it would be great to know... I'm also concerned by the fact his name does no longer appear in the courses description (as it did some months ago).. Did he retire or is about to do so? Are there any U.Chicago's Art History PhD Students out there who can help me answer this? Thank you!
  11. Thank you!! I am actually applying to both, the PhD and MA programs at Chicago, so it's very reassuring to read you! I didn't know about UC Santa Cruz, I'll look it up.
  12. Hi everyone, I was recently granted with one of the most prestigious fellowships in my country (Spain) to pursue graduate studies in the USA / Canada. This means I will be fully funded for two years and I have no financial restrictions for choosing a graduate program. I'm currently working on my applications and still doing research on different possibilities. Some questions have arisen and because I am unfamiliar with many aspects of the US graduate education system I thought I can find some answers by sharing them with you. I have a background in Literary Studies and a BA in Fi
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