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  1. Can't hurt to retake it. Compare your scores and then send whichever one is better.
  2. I applied to UT Austin's PhD program without a Master's degree and was evidently accepted to the program. However, according to their website, it says that one must hold a Master's in order to apply to the PhD. Either this is a new stipulation or I must've overlooked this when applying. Any thoughts?
  3. Not sure when the acceptances will be sent out, but you should expect a phone call from Tufts
  4. Just got off the phone with a POI from Tufts University who told me I've been accepted with a substantial amount of funding! What are everyone's thoughts on Tuft's MA program?
  5. UT Austin admit here! Thoroughly shocked.
  6. SAIC has a great MA program for Art History. I considered applying and spoke to several people there, who were all quite welcoming and willing to share any questions that I had. Ultimately, I decided not to apply because I do plan on eventually getting my PhD and they do not have a foreign language requirement with their MA. Basically meaning that any foreign language skills would have to be acquired outside of the institution to prepare for your PhD.
  7. Yes, I agree and am aware of this. Thanks!
  8. I have a question about U Chicago-- I got rejected from the PhD program, but deferred to the MA. I understand the reservations held by many people on this forum about the MAPH program, but I do have a couple of questions. Is it likely for me to still be accepted to the MAPH program because of this deferral; I mean, does it increase my odds in any way? Does everyone get automatically deferred to MAPH? I know it says otherwise in the email, but I wanted to double check...
  9. WRS

    Sample SOP's

    Send me a private message; I may be able to help.
  10. It has nothing to do with your chances of getting in! Odds are, your POI is very busy. I would recommend sending a follow up email. I've had to do that a couple of times, and my POIs immediately responded to the follow up. In one case, it was a well-renowned professor from a prestigious University, and we ended up speaking on the phone for almost 40 minutes.
  11. Those aren't low GRE scores. You should be fine, since the GRE is probably the last thing they look at.
  12. Awesome on the GRE score! Mine were less than stellar. I got a 160 Verbal, 150 Quantitative, and a 5.0 on the writing. However, I did not study beforehand at all and went in completely blind. I'm going to study like crazy and retake the test. What are some study methods that worked for you? Was it mostly the practice tests? Also, what is your focus/specialization in Art History? I know you come from a History background, but it would help to know about your interests to weigh options between the UK and US.
  13. I would ask the person who knows you well from your BA; they can speak to your work ethic and qualities, while you can speak to your current research in your SoP.
  14. Another way to handle the immense amount of reading material your about to conquer would be to do a condensed reading of each piece that you're looking at. Consult the table of contents, find the thesis or main argument of the book, highlight the evidence/main points, and then read the conclusion in detail. I have a friend who took the approach and had no issue when it came to qualifying exams. Good luck.
  15. WRS

    Applications 2019

    Ok, thank you, I'll do that. I was unsure if I should post in here due to the difference in discipline, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Hopefully the art history forum becomes more active.
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