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  1. Hi everyone! Now that we (mostly) have our offers on the table, I am hoping to get some advice from anyone and everyone out there who might have some input - and if anyone else is in a similar position hopefully this thread will help! I am currently finishing my senior year of my undergrad (art history major, modern and contemporary focus) and have received a fully funded offer from Williams College. I'm also currently on the waitlist for the IFA's PhD program, but want to be prepared to make a quick decision should I get off the waitlist close to the decision deadline. I know I want to get my PhD, and the IFA would be my top PhD program choice, but I almost wonder if it would benefit me to pursue my MA first at Williams and then reapply to the IFA. I hope to eventually go into academia, and I feel that having the networks of boths schools would be an immense advantage when it comes time to apply for jobs. Of course, I know even the best CV doesn't guarantee a job in academia, but having the experiences/networks of both programs would certainly bode well for other lines of work as well (museums, publishing, etc). I am very interested in Williams' first year international study trip, as well as the opportunity to study another foreign language before going straight into a PhD program (I only have 2 years of German right now). But then, I've also received advice that it is important to do all your coursework at your PhD program if you can, so that you build a strong rapport with the professors and get to know your cohort better. And if I should get off the waitlist, who is to say I will get another offer after Williams if I don't take it now?! Maybe this would be my only chance? I'm almost hoping I don't get off the waitlist so I don't have to make this incredibly hard decision. I wish I could just have both, no questions asked... I've already gotten some fabulous advice and input from some people, but hoping there is someone out there who was once in a similar position and could impart some wisdom on me! Or, if anyone reading this thread has been to either program and would like to share some advice, that would be fantastic, too.
  2. Has anyone looking at this thread turned down (or considering turning down) a phenomenal PhD offer for a phenomenal MA offer? I would really love to hear some personal experiences and decision making, so if you see this and are willing to share, please PM me!
  3. Congrats!! Where ya heading?
  4. Hi there!! I received the fully funded Williams offer that was posted, but I don’t know if they sent out all the results or not for accepted/waitlist. I was invited to the open house in mid-March! Hoping you hear back some good news soon!
  5. Hi all! Anyone know how likely it is that wait listed students at the IFA will hear back before April 15th? Not entirely sure how the wait list situation works! Any insight would be much appreciated. And as always... good luck!
  6. I didn’t apply to Yale, but I see their rejections came rolling in today. Dang Yale... y’all really gotta do that on Valentine’s Day? 💔
  7. You go Artgirl87!!!! May I ask where else you applied? You seem to be killing it!
  8. same! grrrr..... just wish it would happen all at once
  9. Thank you!! That makes me feel better!
  10. Wow congrats to the recent admits!!!!! Anyone have their interview with IFA yet? Anyone know how many people are on the selection committee? Asking for a friend...?
  11. The google doc (thank you for pulling it up!!) has IFA down for $27,000 for 6 years. My interview with them is on Monday, and then I believe we won't hear anything back until the first week of March.
  12. Does anyone happen to know how much the funding/stipend is at the IFA for PhD students? I know this is a premature question at this point, but I haven't been able to find any information online and I'm just trying to get an idea!
  13. Just received an email from the director of the program at CUNY, Graduate Center that I was shortlisted for their PhD program. She requested an interview. My field is modern and contemporary! Anyothers shortlists out there? Or advice for going in? Hope everyone else is starting to get results back.. this has been painfully slow!
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