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  1. I don't know if it's bad form, but does seem slightly excessive? I doubt your fall grades will really change their mind/make them reach a decision faster.
  2. Honestly, who knows? I'm in the same boat for Oregon. It's not a rejection until they actually reject you. Until then don't give up hope....but also don't get your hopes too high? Good luck?
  3. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting, so apologies if so, but calm down, dude. Her sharing specific details about herself and her application are not really going to help you with yours, and her doing so would not really be "paying it forward" as you so put it. I feel like there's more to say, but as I may be misinterpreting it, I'll leave it at that.
  4. Just my opinion, but I'd say go where you think you'll be the most comfortable and the happiest. PhD is long, hard, stressful road. If you think option 2 will be a better environment for you as you go down it, why wouldn't you? Obviously, money is important, but if the less funding is manageable, then I think happiness should be top priority. But that's just my two cents and I wouldn't know any better than you. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  5. As a fellow Comp Litter, Congrats! Perhaps this is a hopeful story for others about other programs too?!
  6. That's just a great phrase. Best of luck/congrats(?)!
  7. I suppose that's fair, but by your own admission the programs before weren't the best fits. I can understand feeling doubt, particularly in this situation, but I think a ws from a thesis would be better than submitting something else that might not have been as "thoroughly ripped". But that's just my two cents, and really I wouldn't know any better than you! Go with what you feel is best!
  8. I mean, from the sound of it, you're applying to completely different programs this time around, right? If your ws is solid, and they're different programs, why not stick with the one you have?
  9. I'm not a film studies student, but I would stress less. A 2.94 is definitely not great, but as long as you aren't expecting to get into a PhD program, which you said you aren't, then you're doing ok. MA programs tend to be for further development anyway. But, with a bad GPA, that does mean you're going to have to strengthen yourself in other areas. Look at programs that don't require the GRE. Explain in your SOP why you have a bad GPA. Also, if you're bad grades are only in courses not related to your field (or the program's field), then they will probably notice that. Have a kick-ass writing sample (that's a thing for film studies, right? Or do you mean making films?) Hopefully this helps!
  10. Hello! I'm sorry that no one has responded to you. My interests are also in the visual so I might be able to offer some info (hopefully). Chicago also has an interdisciplinary humanities MA program. It's one year and from what I heard, if you apply to a PhD program and don't get in they'll suggest you do that first. I think admission for that is offered in their suggestion, but not sure. As for PhD, have you considered UC Santa Cruz? They have a visual studies program as well. Most other interdisciplinary programs seem good (Stanford's MTL and Berkeley's Rhetoric), but that might just be my own opinion. That's all I have to offer off the top of my head, but if you want to PM me, we can chat!
  11. That sounds super fascinating. As someone who loves Gothic literature, I would love to read it. What specific theory sources did you use?
  12. @biyutefulphlower yes, I did, but I applied to their Comp Lit program. I have no idea about English
  13. Your thesis sounds amazing and super interesting and just from this aspect I can see why you got into ND! Congrats!
  14. Does anyone know anything about Davis? I saw on the results someone was also asking after "interviews in early February". Since I didn't hear anything about an interview, I'm guessing I got rejected....
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