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  1. What was your writing sample?

    That sounds super fascinating. As someone who loves Gothic literature, I would love to read it. What specific theory sources did you use?
  2. What was your writing sample?

    @biyutefulphlower yes, I did, but I applied to their Comp Lit program. I have no idea about English
  3. What was your writing sample?

    Your thesis sounds amazing and super interesting and just from this aspect I can see why you got into ND! Congrats!
  4. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    Does anyone know anything about Davis? I saw on the results someone was also asking after "interviews in early February". Since I didn't hear anything about an interview, I'm guessing I got rejected....
  5. 2017 Acceptances

  6. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    Oh? How'd you improve your application, if I may ask
  7. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    I've only heard back from one school so far, Oregon, and it was a rejection I'm still waiting to hear back from Stanford MTL and Berkeley's Rhetoric, besides Comp Lit at UC Davis and UT Austin. I expect Stanford and Berkeley will be rejections so I'm attempting to brace myself. I'm sorry about Brown. It looks like a good program. Where else are you waiting to hear from?
  8. 2017 Acceptances

    Congratulations! I bet you're over the moon!
  9. 2017 Acceptances

    Congratulations @KikiDelivery! I just finished by BA there. It's a really great school and campus
  10. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    @steve3020 I was mostly thinking in terms of narrative, and how narratives are meant to tell stories, but there's a reliance on power with discourse, and so some stories don't get told while others do - or else it changes how they are interpreted and then related. If that makes sense? Hopefully? eh...maybe I'm too in my head....But, anyway, I was also thinking about this grad seminar I took last spring and it was on the politics of form, covering narrative, poetry, cinema, and photography, and how these media/forms are used as political tools. For example, I read a chapter of this theory of poetry book on the relationship of elegy and national mourning/identity. It was really interesting and I think many disciplines (or at least those in the humanities) are exploring the politicization of these things. And welcome!
  11. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    Given my interest in narrative and the current interest in the politicizing (or maybe it's politics?) of different disciplines, I'll probably end up going in a similar direction (at least if I hope in getting a job in academia). But maybe my mind will entirely change in grad school, who knows! You sound super interesting, so if I end up getting accepted to Berkeley, we should be friends Good luck to you on the Fullbright MA front!
  12. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    My interests are a little divided...largely I'm interested in literary and visual narrative, centered mostly the novel and 17th-19th century painting. I'm particularly interested in questions on narrative space, interpretation of narrative, and the relationship between narrative and audience. And then I have generic interests of Gothic fiction, Boccaccio and the Boccaccian model of tales (the italian novella), and fairy tales.
  13. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    @Yanaka Good luck on the English MA's! Also, I never asked, what are your research interests?
  14. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    Oh? What are you reading? I guess for me, I still go at the same pace as usual - check my email every few hours, sit around on GC for a few hours, and look at every other hour. It's just so quiet and I hate that
  15. Waiting as a Comp Lit person

    *sigh* anyone else hate Sundays? A day full of stressing and obsessing even though nothing will probably come...Best of luck in the coming week....