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  1. Have you received any response on this among friends? I'm curious to have a dialogue as I'm in a similiar situation in a different field... Deciding between Columbia MA or UCL MA (in London)...and I'm an American living in NYC for 13 years now with a Bachelors from NYU...
  2. when did you have your slade interview? some people heard back
  3. Quality letters of rec, SOP, writing sample (perhaps due to topic or potentiality of a direction, I didn't think it was my best writing though) Didn't do well in the GRE's at all. Acceptance from top dept/program at Ivy
  4. That's so weird! What program are you in? I didn't get a letter from director, just a basic letter from the dean with links to their financial aid websites but no details on funding. Does this mean I didn't qualify? Perhaps I should wait until the paper letter and package in the mail?
  5. Ah okay, I'm in GSAS. My specific program is tiny, so just trying to stay a little anonymous.... Thanks for your response! congrats!!
  6. may i ask what program you're in? Where is this portal? I found out through the application status page.
  7. I am curious where others have received scholarship and funding information that they've received when accepted. Was this announced in the letteer?
  8. Hi, I've just been invited for an interview that would take place later in February. As I am an international student, I am in the dilemma of whether to splurge on this trip or trust that my candidacy is not in jeopardy because of my absence. Are there any graduates or anyone in the program currently who can speak to this? Or can someone attest to the case of being accepted to the program on account of not having gone to the interview?
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