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  1. I'd also like to learn more about Albuquerque! I got into UNM School of Law. I go to undergrad in Boston and my permanent residency has been in NM for the past two years but I haven't spent *that much* time there. Does it seem like a good place to live in general? Any highlights of the city?? asterismos: I read some reviews/news articles about university housing (and specifically the apartments) and I read that there was a whole lot of partying... so much that it has been in the news and stuff. It would obviously be different if you're living in a studio on your own but the general atm
  2. Congrats!!!! Are you on the google group? We have a Facebook group if you're interested.
  3. Does anyone have any opinions on John Jay or the cost of living in New York? Based on rough calculations tuition is about $20,000 cheaper than American and about $10,000 cheaper than Northeastern (the two others I have gotten accepted to so far) but I feel like the cost of living in New York may negate that difference. Plus, I know John Jay is ranked highest out of the three. Any thoughts? Accepted (for Master's): American CUNY- John Jay Northeastern Still Waiting: UMD SUNY-Albany Sam Houston Missouri-St. Louis Rutgers ASU UNM Law
  4. Congratulations on the acceptance and funding! That's fantastic!
  5. Did you apply for a master's or phd? They told me the masters decisions would be coming out in March. Also, just got in to John Jay for my master's! Having to make this decision between schools will not be fun.
  6. Thanks! I was honestly worried I wasn't going to get in anywhere so it was a relief haha.
  7. I had submitted my application in November but my last letter of rec. went in on Jan 26th. I'm not sure if they looked at it earlier or only once the whole thing was submitted but I guess I got my decision really fast. I thought at first that it was a mistake. Do you like American??
  8. I haven't heard from them yet- are you applying phd or master's? CONGRATS! I just received an acceptance from American University this morning for their MS program in Justice, Law and Society!!
  9. Thank you so much- I really appreciate it. I think it's going to be an uphill battle for me for *anywhere* but we'll see. I go to one of the top 10 liberal arts schools which also has a notoriously difficult grading policy where all classes have to have an average of B+ or lower so oftentimes we're curved down. I know my professors are explaining this in their letters. I have a 3.00 and got a 1,330 on the GRE. I have done a lot on campus- student government, held a job, etc. (but I know this doesn't really matter). That's good to know about the papers- in 4 of my classes so far I have wri
  10. Do you mind sharing your stats from undergrad? I am applying to Rutgers for the fall!
  11. Sorry I kept checking back and nobody had replied so I forgot haha I am applying for masters programs. American, Northeastern, UMD, Rutgers, SUNY Albany, Sam Houston, Missouri, CUNY, and ASU.
  12. This my first post!! Where is everyone applying//which programs? I know we're all still in the application process (except for UMD) so this might be too early... but I'm just curious!
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