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  1. I was informed a couple weeks ago that I have been accepted to Florida State University but that funding decisions were still being made. This morning I received an email stating that I am being offered funding (details to follow). I'm still waiting to hear back from 6 other programs, but I'm so relieved and elated that I definitely have one great option on the table! Anyone else apply to FSU? Opinions on their program?
  2. I submitted my last PhD application just moments ago. Feels good to be finished! Now there's nothing to do but wait... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJqg_-wXnuU
  3. Looking through the survey results (http://thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php), it does appear that UCI sends out rejection letters via regular postal mail. The survey results show that there were a couple rejection letters received last year on 20 Feb and 3 Mar. So it does appear that they stagger their acceptance/rejection notices somewhat. I guess I won't give up hope just yet
  4. ETS Powerprep practice exams are graded exactly the same way as the real thing. Each section is graded on a scale from 140 to 170. Either you didn't use the actual ETS Powerprep software or you are confused about your scores.
  5. If UCI sent out their acceptance letters today I guess that means I didn't get in because I didn't hear anything Congrats to PhDreams though. Do schools normally send out rejection letters too? Or are you just to assume that you've been rejected when you don't hear anything?
  6. For what it's worth, the association of doctoral programs in criminology and criminal justice single out the top 5 programs (as rated by US News) for a separate analysis in their annual report. With that said, in my personal opinion there are some excellent programs that are ranked outside the top 5 by US News. The methodology that US News uses is far from perfect. I had no interest in applying to any of the "top 5" programs with the exception of UCI. Also, I think it's important to remember that there are other ways of comparing programs. For example, faculty productivity: http://chr
  7. I've applied to 8 criminology PhD programs. I'd say 6/8 of these programs I disregarded ranking and chose to apply based on program fit alone. The other 2 decisions to apply were influenced by ranking somewhat. I, too, have applied to UCI so it sounds like I'll hear yea/nay from them first. This was one of the programs that I applied to based somewhat on ranking. Speaking of rankings, US News will be updating their graduate school rankings in "late winter or early spring 2013". This will be welcome information since the current rankings are from 2009. See here: http://www.usnews.com/educat
  8. While I was studying for the GRE I wondered how similar the practice tests I was taking were to the real thing... So I thought starting a thread comparing practice test scores vs. actual results on the real GRE might be helpful for those still studying. If you agree, add your information! Princeton Review 1: 158V / 148Q Princeton Review 2: 161V / 149Q Powerprep 1: 161V / 149Q Powerprep 2: 160V / 155Q / 3.75AW REAL GRE: 166V / 150Q / 5.5AW Hours studied: approx 115
  9. Thanks for your thoughtful reply and encouragement Regarding my thesis supervisor: a great academic, but very resistant to offering advice, even when specifically asked for. His standard answer whenever I've asked for advice is, "That's up to you." I've stopped asking at this point. I've since contacted one of the managers from my last (government) job and she has happily agreed to act as a reference. I was confident that would be the case. Unfortunately the fact remains that the reference is still not ideal since some of the schools that I'm applying to specify that they "prefer" t
  10. TL;DR: the professors that knew me best are dead, retired, and unavailable. Advice? And here's the long version: I graduated in late fall 2011 and am currently applying to graduate programs in criminology. I need 3 letters of recommendation. My thesis supervisor is on board. So that's one. For better or worse, most of my master's program was centred on this professor. In addition to him being my thesis supervisor, I acted as his TA for two semesters and as an RA for two related projects both during and after I graduated. The next professor in line worked with me quite a bit thro
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