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  1. Hey all! I hope you're fairing well this application season. I went through it last year; I know how rough it can be. Just keep swimming... I'm just checking in to say hi and to offer my support. I ended up at UT Austin RTF so, if you have any questions, feel free to message me. For everyone else, best of luck!
  2. autumn

    UT Austin 2015

    Hey everyone! I'll be starting a PhD in Media Studies in the Radio-Television-Film department. I'm using an apartment agent right now and I recommend it. It's been helpful so far.
  3. autumn

    Austin, TX

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! I've contacted them.
  4. autumn

    Austin, TX

    Hi all! Well, late notice, but I'll be attending UT Austin this fall. Yay! I know that Hyde Park and Far West are the general grad places. Does anyone have specific recommendations for complexes and/or rental brokers? Not having a place to live is really unsettling for me so I'd love to get the ball rolling here. Thanks in advance!
  5. Nice! I'm glad PS. Is anyone here attending (currently or soon-to-be) UT Austin, preferably RTF?
  6. Thanks How about you? Have you figured out what you're doing about housing yet?
  7. Thank you! Yes and no. Logically, no, I mean I already accepted another offer, registered for classes, signed a lease, etc. Ideally, yes, because I imagine it would positively impact my education and improve my chances of getting a TT job later.
  8. I just got accepted to a school this morning... 9 days after the agreed upon deadline. I know schools don't HAVE to follow the deadline but way to throw a wrench in the works after I've already accepted another offer. It's generally really frowned upon to change your acceptance. I know that. And I know it's a small subfield. But it's a much better regarded program in my field...
  9. This! I have a stack of books that I want to read now so I will be better prepped and possibly won't be as overloaded in the fall. But I also want to just veg until the real work begins.
  10. autumn

    App for saving notes

    No problem! I use it all the time so I thought it may help!
  11. autumn

    University of Utah F15

    The last Utah thread was back in 2012 so I'm bringing this back. Anyone going to SLC next year? I'll be starting a doctoral program there but I've been living here for a while if anyone has a question.
  12. autumn

    Impostor Syndrome

    As much as I detest that man's politics, that's a really apt quote. Thanks for sharing!
  13. autumn

    App for saving notes

    For Evernote, you can download a free app (one of theirs) called Scannable. It's their document camera and it transfers straight to Evernote.
  14. I'm working, mostly, and finishing up my teaching responsibilities from spring. Presented at a conference a couple of weeks ago. I've also gone a little list crazy (books to read, articles to read, questions to ask, arrangements to make, etc.). As someone who has a little too much fun organizing and planning, I've also gone a bit overboard with Evernote. I've made templates for class notes, lesson plans, teaching presentations, advisor meeting minutes, general meeting minutes, reading notes, etc. Now, I'll just be able to copy a template to the right notebook and plug in the new information into a presentation-ready format. I've also been reading books on teaching strategies and class prep. So, so excited.

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