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  1. I've felt that in general, the sentiment among graduate students is one of stress and negativity. While obviously our career track is not an easy one, I just wanted to share the fact that I am really, really enjoying graduate school. This isn't to diminish anyone's frustration or pain or anything, but merely to add another perspective, especially for those who are still unsure of applying. I did lots of research beforehand to make sure I wanted to go down this path and carefully considered my options, and I think that led me to making a great decision. I get along extremely well with my adviso
  2. Oh wow. So maybe you're still okay?? No automatic disqualification, that's good.
  3. I didn't include the title in the uploaded version either time I applied. Use the extra space. There's a reason they ask for the title in the application.
  4. No, I didn't cite them. In the body of the statement I mentioned where they were published and what author I was. It seems redundant to cite and it's also in the application.
  5. I just deleted and re-added my writers and sent them new emails. Not sure if that's the best way to do it. You can also just email them yourself.
  6. I literally just finished giving a talk after using propanolol. Absolutely recommended, very helpful.
  7. I use www.makesigns.com, as do some of my colleagues. Very happy with the results. Super fast shipping is available. So are fabric posters (highly recommended!)
  8. Does anyone know what the email address is that you might be getting notifications from? I want to put it on my safelist so it doesn't get redirected to spam.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm happy to offer advice as a current bio anthro grad student at Yale. Feel free to message me.
  10. I think it depends on the school & the program.
  11. I've been using iAnnotate. It syncs directly with Dropbox and is great for tablets. It cost a little bit of money, but it's worth it for the seamless Dropbox integration.
  12. Go to the gym! I've been going like 4-5x a week and it's been fantastic.
  13. Grades are back and better than I expected. Just about another week until the new semester which I'm feeling much better about since I have the first one under my belt. I had a tough time adjusting to a small New England city after having lived in big metropolises my whole life but I recently have come to the conclusion that I really love my school and everything is worth it Best of luck in the new semester, y'all!
  14. Here are my two cents: 1. If your program doesn't do interviews, you should still definitely go out there and meet them. I did that for three of my schools, worked really well in my favor. Contact your POI after application deadlines have passed (ie, January, February) and say you're really interested in seeing the campus and meeting them, and can they possibly schedule you in. Trust me, this is very important. 2. Avoid the "kisses of death" in your personal statement. (Click here for more info on those). Your personal statement should only include things that are relevant to you as a
  15. In my experience, your research fit, GPA, and letters of recommendation are far more important than the GRE. I think being in the 75th percentile and above is great, if you're falling below 50%, maybe consider retaking. Not sure what percentile your scores fall into, but as I recall, there is a table that tells you that.
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