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  1. hey -- I am sorry I didn't see this earlier, but I haven't been on gradcafe in a while.. so I hope this helps a bit. Anyway, a few months ago at a phd interview trip, I was the roommate of a girl who had been flown from Oxford for the phd interview. She *loved* her master's program and wanted to stay at oxford save for the funding issues. She told me--and this is just me recounting so take it with a grain of salt--that it was easier to get funding for MA programs in the UK and phd programs in the US. And that the phd programs in the UK are harder to secure funding for. that said, I am movi
  2. hugs to you colorless. i am so sorry your day started off like that... I must admit I am shocked by how absorbed into this process I have become and can imagine how you feel. again hugzzzzz!!!
  3. all quiet on the western front (berkeley). *sigh* a girl can dream. thanx for the update, jigsawyouth!
  4. I got an Emory invite and am jumping around the bedroom!
  5. I know it is a for-profit university, but how do you know it's spam?
  6. I know I have just never hated waiting more than now! arghhh
  7. also dana, if you are basing the score thing on what it says on the berkeley website, I have the same 'issue': it also says under submit on my application that gre scores never arrived. I have emailed Ned twice about it, but never got a response, while when I emailed him about something else I got an immediate response. So, I am guessing that it frequently says that on their site. in an unrelated topic, has everyone heard anything from Emory? I am dying with anticipation over here...
  8. NoSleep --congrats on the good news! Also, everytime I see your screen name the beastie boys song starts playing in my head.
  9. anyone who does critical studies/med. anth would be good. i am told that the department has two main 'camps': the critical and the symbolic. do you know anything about that?
  10. hey, so I am curious if anyone knows anything about who is on the admissions committee at Berkeley this year. according to a professor who helped me extensively with my application, Berkeley rotates the professors on the committee every year, which makes it the luck of the draw who gets to see your application and if they are in your field. just wondering if anyone had any more info on this. thanx!
  11. well i'll attempt to answer part of this. FLAS or the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship is given out by different schools that have been approved by the government to recieve Title VI funding under the Higher Education Act. each school tends to apply for funding from the federal government for certain regional areas. so, for example, i am applying to a lot of schools that get regional funding for east asia, because I want to do research and get funding for korean. the list of the different regions approved for different schools are listed here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natio
  12. I'm not sure. I'm gonna guess they'd have to really really really like you for them to pay for a trip to the states. but it's not unheard of.
  13. Emory invites semi-finalists to their interview weekend, which tends to take place around the first weekend of feb. then, as far as i know, notifications are sent out almost immediately after. in another thread someone mentioned a results posting for an interview as early as the 10th of jan (aka tomorrow). so i guess if you are in the lucky bunch, then you can expect to hear from them pretty soon about interviews but not about finalization.
  14. it was nice and sunny in berlin today! unfortunately that has absolutely no bearing on the process. poor us and our anxiety-ridden selves.
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