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  1. Hi all... I've been following this forum and posting here & there, but not a reg. I applied to a mix of anthro & history programs, as I'm majoring in both as an undergrad and couldn't decide. I was hoping that this process would choose for me, and indeed it has. I was admitted to 2 PhD programs: SUNY Albany (archaeology) & UC Riverside (Latin American history). I've decided to go with UCR because I'm fully funded for 5 years and I'll still be close to my family, with a minimal moving expense. I'm a parent so this is important for me. I'm still waiting for my official rejections
  2. Interesting. Well just relating my personal experience. Yes, perhaps it is odd that my POI told me that, but it completely turned me off from Stanford. And that was somewhere I really wanted to go, too. Or perhaps there's some differentiation between their MA & PhD program, since they also offer a terminal MA. Maybe undergrads are getting into the MA and not straight to the PhD?
  3. Just FYI on the Stanford tip: one of my favorite profs in the world is there. I contacted this prof before application season and was told Stanford only accepts people with an MA in hand. Prof was nice & recommended a good MA program, but alas, I didn't apply for that reason. Not sure if you have a BA or MA so thought I'd throw that in there.
  4. Nope - I'm sure we'll all be getting our rejection letters soon enough
  5. C'mon anthro & history! Am I the only one?
  6. It ain't over til it's over. I just got an acceptance from a school that had 3 admissions offers posted around Jan. 20. You never know!
  7. Ok well SOME schools are closed Monday Just sayin'
  8. Thank you for the info Here's to hoping!
  9. Everyone's trying to maximize their 3 day weekend, I take it. My school is a ghost town today.
  10. I'll join in the chorus Congrats, I'm so happy it worked out for you!
  11. Same here. I finished all my apps at the end of Oct, then strangely I got a super early acceptance (back in Dec). Not one peep since then. Done waiting at this point! It's affecting my school work. I think I'm doing half my assigned reading right now. Just can't focus.
  12. Yay! Congrats to sarab & daykid, and my condolences to the rest. I'm still waiting to hear from Anthro & History @ Michigan. At least it's some peace of mind one way or the other :\
  13. I know right? I've never in my life been this excited for Mondays.
  14. Yay! Congrats strudelle, that is great news!!! Congrats to everyone today!
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