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  1. The extended master's is their three year program where you do pre-reqs first and then jump in to the grad program. It's basically for those who haven't completed their pre-reqs yet.
  2. Hi! I just finished my USU second degree this fall and I went ahead and applied to some spring schools. I applied to Fresno State, Kansas State, U of South Dakota and App State. Got into all of them except Appalachian. I have heard from multiple people that University of Pacific prefers students to have taken courses in person at an institution. In fact, I emailed their program director, and he told me that while taking online pre-reqs doesn't necessarily hurt your application, if they are looking at two students who have equally good applications, but one took pre-reqs online and th
  3. Send your best verbal score for sure! I did a lot of searching for GRE scores since I had a really bad score as well. My verbal score was in the average range, but my quant was well below average! It probably made a difference that I applied to spring admission schools, but with those scores I got into 3 of the 4 I applied to. I didn't have any research experience, just a little bit of volunteering and job experience working as a caregiver for a disabled woman. Not sure how I would have fared if I had just decided to apply for fall, but it is possible to get in with low scores!
  4. Yeah, I would think the 3.4 is more the exception. I applied for the extended master's programs at CSUEB and SJSU last year with a 3.9 GPA and I was waitlisted at both of them. I was accepted at Fresno, though.
  5. Hello! I'm going to be making the move out to Kansas from California for grad school and I have never stepped foot in Kansas before. While I am excited to start the program and experience a new part of the country, I have basically lived in the Bay Area my entire life (except for a stint at UCLA for undergrad). As my move date gets closer, I am growing more anxious and sad about leaving my friends/family/boyfriend behind. I'm trying to stay positive, but I haven't been getting much sleep since I keep dreaming about moving and whatnot. What did you guys do to combat those feelings befor
  6. So I took the old GRE earlier in the summer and got a 570V 420Q. So mad that I was only 10 points away from 1000! I was originally going to retake it at the end of this month, but I have been so swamped with school and work that I have barely been studying. I feel like if I retake it soon, I'll only score marginally better than better and be out $150. I am applying to speech language pathology programs, and I know that they place more of an emphasis on the verbal, but I'm rather embarrassed by the quantitative. If I did retake the exam, I would only have 19 days left to study, maybe a
  7. From what I've seen, research and experience at least vaguely related to the field are all really good. I have seen a lot of people post acceptances on here that have even lower GRE and GPA scores. I wish I had more experience!
  8. I am taking USU's classes for the first time this fall and so far it's been a good experience. I had asked around to make sure the pre-reqs would be accepted where I wanted to apply, and they said that they would accept them no problem. I was considering doing the full second bachelors, but so many of the schools I am looking at only have 4-5 pre-reqs, so I probably won't do the second degree option. Only downside is that if you are a non-degree seeking student you don't qualify for financial aid.
  9. Haha, yes you did reply to me over there as well Thanks for the advice! I think I'm going to go ahead and do my two pre-reqs this fall and apply to both grad programs as well as post-bac programs and see what happens.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I'm out in California, and I don't plan on applying to any of the schools out here. They get sooooo many applicants for their programs and I am ready for a change (not to mention the fact that the CA public school system is crap right now). How did you go about contacting current students? I was thinking about doing that, but I wasn't quite sure how to find out who to contact, etc.
  11. I am curious about this too. I am completely out of field (got my BA in classical civilization at UCLA!) and am currently signed up to take 2 pre-reqs through USU this fall. I'm wondering if it matters whether I take a class or two, like if I have one or two completed that it shows that I am interested in pursuing SLP? Does anybody know of schools that have post-bac programs? Right now I am have discovered and am planning on applying to UNC Greensboro and Texas Tech, which both have 1 year post-bac programs where you can apply to their own grad programs while you are taking the classes. S
  12. Seeing as the last posting is from July, I don't know if anyone will read this, but I was wondering whether it makes a difference if you visit the schools you plan on applying to. I believe someone mentioned that they thought it didn't really matter and another person said that the clinical director remembered her name from visiting, so I was just wondering what other people thought. I am going to be applying to out of state schools and it would be a bit costly to travel to all of them, but if it really would make some sort of difference, I would go out and visit at some point. Thanks!
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