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  1. Coauthor problems 🙄 OK, so the coauthor is my dad and I'm not sure he treats me like he would treat his other coauthors, but if he does he's kind of a workaholic and not particularly considerate. My dad and I are working on a project together, but he pretty much took it over and just wrote it all himself and had me do cites. Don't get me wrong, we talked about what should be in the paper, but he seemed to have his own ideas and he always writes all of his papers. Which is fine, it was an invited paper for him, and he added me on to give the perspective of an early-career researcher. So I
  2. Well, I'm graduating, but my college decided to add one last "fuck you" to the pile of shit they've put me though. I'm annoyed as it cost me $4,000, but it's typical for them. I don't use this type of language IRL, but I just had to describe my raw feelings in the most accurate way possible. Fuck you, alma-mater. Fuck you! Good luck getting any PhD students in my area. Word gets around and we have other options. I left a well paying job to be treated like crap and barely graduate. I was treated like an adjunct teacher rather than a student who needs to you know, learn something while going
  3. I don't have an emotional disorder. So I noticed for me that the first couple of days I was very upset and cried more than I normally do. But then I had to settle down and work on my dissertation, and just having that thing that I had to do and focus on made me a lot happier.
  4. Yup. I am very blessed with that. And it is at the school that I always wanted to go to.
  5. I have a really good adviser and always feel better after talking with him. I hear those are in short supply, so I'm very lucky. Also, I found my dream home, so hopefully it will still be on the market in a month or two when I'm ready to buy. Given the town it is in has a shelter-in-place order, this may be possible. (Not worth it to kill the economy and that people have the virus, but we are looking at silver linings here) This house looks like it came from my pinterest album and I love it. It's a little pricey, but not so much that I would have a problem paying for it. Do I need a house as
  6. Same. I'm really bad keeping in touch with people. I hope I can travel with these friends and keep them for life, but we'll see what happens. I'm pretty good at making friends and people seem to like me, but I'm very selective in who I want to be friends with, and these have been some of my favorite people ever. I don't think I'll ever have a group like them again.
  7. I know Covid-19 is causing problems for a lot of people, and mine are minuscule in proportion, but I still need to vent mine somewhere. I am graduating in May with my Ph.D. Commencement is cancelled, so that sucks. But what sucks worse is that I can't go out and celebrate with my friends. I don't even know if I'll see my friends again before this is over. I live by myself, and the thought of being stuck alone in my apartment for two months is terrifying. I'm not even a social person, and it is sad. But not getting to see my friends is the worst. I knew I would have to leave them eventuall
  8. People who excuse their rudeness as a dislike of stupid people... Get over yourself. You aren't that smart. Also, being smart doesn't mean you can't respond to people with grace. Being rude because you think you're smarter than everyone is just a sign of narcissism. This isn't aimed at anyone. I just saw it on a t-shirt someone posted on facebook. As someone most people would classify as "smart" I think that this attitude is toxic. And it's usually perpetrated by people who aren't actually that smart in the first place, haha.
  9. Congrats! Management researches some really cool stuff.
  10. I got an offer to be a tenure track faculty from a good institution. I am in a very rare field where this is still possible right out of grad school, and even with us, probably half of everyone graduating will have to take visitings this year because the market is rough. I am going to the school of my dreams, and I can't chalk it up to anything other than being incredibly blessed.
  11. I'm depressed. Ok, not really, but I'm just emotionally tumultuous. There isn't a "good" reason for it, it is just the stress of finishing my dissertation and finding a job and teaching two different classes. It's made me an emotional mess. Six months and this process will be over. I remember getting my acceptance and then having to wait 6 months to start, and that being a painful time. Well, this might be worse. I've been here for almost 5 years. It seems so long. At this point most of my adult life has been as a graduate student. I'm ready to have a career job, haha.
  12. You are not alone. You don't need to pretend everything is going perfectly. I found that most people have a lot of sympathy for PhD students and understand how hard it is to get adjusted. Don't be whiny about it, but maybe talk to an older student about what is going on and see if they have any advice for you. If anything, a listening ear is always comforting.
  13. I don't think that should be tolerated. His adviser may not realize how bad it was and just think you have thin skin. Hopefully the student's behavior will become apparent in other ways so that his advisor knows what he is dealing with. You may also request that any further discussions with this guy happen in an open space or with the door open rather than closed. I don't think that is unreasonable to request given that you are a small female and he is a large male. You don't have to make it about him, it is about you feeling comfortable and safe.
  14. Being a grad student is like juggling plates. And right when you get a handle on juggling the number of plates you have, more are tossed in and you have to juggle them too. And then in the last year, instead of more plates being tossed in, you are hit by a car. Fuck.
  15. I can't find my keys. I have too much to do to look for them. But if I don't find them then I can't go to my friends house to retrieve my suitcase from our trip. But maybe my keys are there. IDK. I have too much to doooooooo.. and I'm hungry and can't go anywhere because I can't find my keys. I could cycle, but I don't wanna, too hot. I want my keys. I want my car... ugh!
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