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  1. @Rtg8055 is this the interview that is conducted through a software, where you are asked a few questions, and your answers get recorded into the software?
  2. Yeah it can be really unsettling. Have you guys seen any historical pattern when people received a kind of second wave of results? It won't help much with the wait, but at least you will know the timeline, and for how long will the torture continue?
  3. There are multiple threads on it, but basically GeorgiaTech has a rolling process, people continue to receive admits till mid-late March.
  4. If you generally looking for other people to travel with, there are avenues such as communities on Reddit, where people post about their travel plans and try to see if they can find someone else with similar plans.
  5. I think they are really good. I particularly liked the Issue Topic one -- how you have structured the essay, with an initial introductory paragraph, then 2 paragraphs to expand on your argument, a final paragraph that notes the limitation of your argument, and then finally ending with a quick summary of the entire essay. I don't see how I could have come up with a better structure to it. The language you have used is not 100% GRE language (for e.g., using some standard words from the GRE vocabulary) like the kind you would see in essays that get 5 or above, but overall, I'd say it would be 4.5 for sure, or even more. I am not too sure about the argument one, one of the things that struck me is how they initially talk about 'sidewalk rage', but the reference to Middletown talks about 'sidewalk crime'. I wasn't convinced that they are both the same things, although in your essay you have chosen to interchange between them. So depending upon whether the evaluators see that as same as different, you might lose some points, but nothing wrong with the rest of the arguments that you have presented.
  6. Yeah, I still remember, while applying I had to navigate through a whole bunch of different of college websites, and some of them were so awful that I felt like not applying there. Also, I don't know which school you are talking about, but my school has been notoriously famous for some of these data breaches (including student GPAs, their ethnicity and email IDs)
  7. The answer to your question will depend on the field you are applying to. One thing I can tell you is that for some programs (like CS), you have to be a Master's to enter into a PhD program (that's unlike US), and as a bachelors you will be admitted to the Master's program before the PhD program. While most PhD programs tend to be funded, most master's programs are not, but I think the UK ones are much cheaper than their US counterparts.
  8. No it is not mandatory, most of the funded PhD admits I know of (including myself) only showed their i20 and acceptance letter as the proof, even though the i20 only says it for one year. Also, if you are finding that weird, it's probably taken care of by the fact that every time you enter US, your i20 needs to have a signature from your college within the last one year. So that signature essentially acts as the proof that the funding status is continuing for you.
  9. I don't know how to interpret the 'no-visits-from-GT' thing, but I have said this in other places as well, GT does its admissions on a rolling basis, and different students often get admits at different times. So hang in tight folks, and best of luck!
  10. Keep in mind 2 things -- 1) Not all posts on the results page are genuine. There are instances when someone has posted something on the results page, without any confirmation of the same from any other source. So take any information that appears only in the results page (as opposed to some of the forum topics) with a whole bunch of salt. 2) Many universities have a rolling admission cycle, in which they take students in batches, so different students get admits at different points (being an international student could very well be a contributing factor here). Finally, even if you are convinced that all your options are over, not getting into grad school is not the end of the world. I know you'd be very devastated if that were to happen, and why not, but remember that most grad programs have a notoriously low percentage of acceptance, which means most people actually don't get in. There are many who learn from their mistakes the first time, and then apply again with all their experience, and also others who often find alternate career paths that are well suited for what they wanted to do anyway. Depending on your program, I am sure you will find many such students within the gradcafe community itself, who can help you out in realizing your options and not losing all the hope.
  11. @BlakeWhite I can understand what you are feeling right now. It is already very hard to stay calm when you are just waiting for decisions, and on top of that, seeing others get some admits only makes it much harder. However, remember one thing, often the rate of success is over represented in forums such as this. The people who get admits are more likely to post here than people who don't get anything. Most people who don't have an admit are probably just staying out of the discussion. It's great you have put it out here what you are feeling, and I am sure you will find many others who are like you, but just aren't coming out yet. Also feel free to start a new thread, if you think getting support from others might help you. Lastly, just stay strong and believe in yourself. I am sure you still have a few schools left in the pipeline for you.
  12. I personally feel that a 'thank you and look forward to working with you' mail is more than enough. I can totally relate to where you are coming from. When I valued something too much, I would also spend a lot of time trying to come up with something really nice, but overtime I have realized that a simple email with no extra information is really the best response in such situations.
  13. Oh yeah, that is unfortunate, but I wish you all the luck for your remaining applications
  14. Oh I am so sorry to hear about that. And that sounds quite weird to me because in most cases that I have seen, the interview doesn't get that technical. I apologize if you got carried away because of my advice. I hope you have other options to look forward to. Don't give up yet, and stay strong.
  15. No problem. Happy to help. Regarding github, it doesn't hurt to do it. But for it to have an impact, it should be part of a story (like how you built a solution and then made it open source for other people to also use it etc., or if you could show the stars/forks or any activity in the github page that confirms that you have actually built something that other people are interested in. )
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