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  1. I guess it all comes down to what would you like to achieve when you graduate. Location, available mentors, program focus, name recognition, campus infrastructure, potential employment, debt etc all come into play. Can only speak about Davis since I got some feedback from several students. UC Davis' MA is one of rare AH MAs in the US which is funded and the TA (is it 25% for the 1st quarter or first year?) seems flexible. You could chose classes according to availability and your interests; people even did 50% without it being a burden. Plus, you could do TA inside and outside of the dep
  2. I also got 19k, which is great, but insufficient... as an international student, I'm neither eligible for FAFSA nor for loans... 19k makes it about 22% of the entire cost of studies, which in my case is about 85k. Harvard was really on the top of my list because of the program, but I need to reject the offer because of funding only...
  3. Yup, its says: You should receive your aid package in the last week of March or first week of April. Applicants who have completed their financial aid applications will be notified when their financial aid package is available to view on the HGSE Student Aid Portal. This follows your admissions packet. ARGH! 😵
  4. Congratulations! I also got accepted to UC Davis' MA program in art history which I'm ready to accept these days. I won't make it to the recruitment day, but @canyah & @clearvoyant please do share your impressions
  5. These all seem very useful to me when I'm thinking of the MA as well! Thanks. Still didn't had an interview, but will post questions if it comes to that.
  6. Thank you a lot on this feedback, it is very useful! 😄 I'd just add that although it seems a bit isolated, one can easily access the San Francisco Bay Area by AMTRAK (around 50$ return ticket).
  7. @merrysoprano, I see you got accepted to HGSE AiE program! What's it like being "from the inside"? I'm also interested in those studies
  8. Totally get it. For now, PhD is off the list because it seems I'm still not ready for it. To dedicate myself to study and research smth for years, I really need to have a burning issue/research problem to start with. At this moment, an MA seems as a more practical option. I'm eyeing on Arts in Education at Harvard. Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Thanks @catsbloom, I guess mobility is important, and I'm also eyeing a couple of locations of interest at the same time... Which MLIS degree you have? There's a nice research done here analyzing the market vs studies: http://www.inthelibrarywiththeleadpipe.org/2011/is-the-united-states-training-too-many-librarians-or-too-few-part-1/
  10. @MAC2809, so sorry for not replying before, I totally missed out of the forum in the meantime (and as expected, came back when wanting to apply for graduate studies again). Big thanks!
  11. Hi everybody! I was thinking of retraining and getting into LIS field (have a BA in Art History and MA in Cultural Management from non-US universities, with experience in museums, non-profits project work and curating). The thing is, this time I need to be very careful in choosing next studies/career, because I want to avoid being unemployed or underpaid again So, what are the odds of getting a job in the field after an MA? How is the job market for librarians and related professions? P.S. Been reading data from https://www.bls.gov/ooh/education-training-and-library/librarians
  12. Very interested did you had any feedback on this apart from the forum
  13. First post, first inquiry I'm looking for a PhD program in education: that could be open for students who don't have academic base in edu (I have a MA in Art History), programs which have a more multi-/intercultural approach, and with potential funding for international students (coming from Serbia). Considering important that the studies are not purely theoretical, rather having enough amount of practical work (I really cannot continue solely reading books and learning theories, without a clue how to do smth practical). Also hoping that the studies would give me a s
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