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  1. Hello hello, I'm seriously looking at the Art Museum and Gallery Studies program at the University of Leicester in England. Due to the international nature will it be looked upon differently in the U.S.?
  2. Hello all! Ideally I'd like to work in Art Museum Education/Engagement and eventually move into Museum Managaement or Leadership. Does it make more sense to do a general Art Museum Studies M.A. than a specific Art Museum Education M.A.? Or is this an unrealistic expectation of career climbing?
  3. So far just SAIC, Goldsmiths, and University at Buffalo (visual studies). I'm mainly looking for schools with contemporary art or museum education. I want to focus on street art in my thesis. @feelthebern16
  4. Ok, in hopes to better direct my education/career path, I was hoping someone could clarify the difference between Art History and Visual Studies for me. I am extremely interested in studying street art and teaching in some manner (whether through university, museum, or public art). Is Visual Studies a more appropriate field?
  5. Thank you. And I whole-heartedly agree, if my school was just not-so-hot I would've stuck it out. I, thankfully, have found a few schools that will accept late applications. Here's hoping! If it's a no-go, then I will certainly heed your above advice. Do you think I should be straight forward about my situation or leave the school (and professors as references) out entirely?
  6. I know for the PhD that it is a certain number of spots...not necessarily a specific deadline. So rolling basis, kind of. I do know for the PhD you need to be in contact with a professor willing to support your specific area of study.
  7. Northeastregional, I appreciate the reassurance. It is a really bad situation, and I'm trying my best to not freak out. I know it is for the best. The timing is the killer, almost all good programs' deadlines have passed. SAIC did agree to take my application late, I'm very hopeful. Let me ask your opinion on this: As far as reference letters, I really only have my (now former) professors to ask. Is this a bad idea considering the direct connection to the school? I do have a good relationship with 3 professors with a standing GPA of 3.7. My background is in dance, and I graduated undergrad
  8. I can certainly understand your view on this. Let me see if it at all changes with some added details. I currently attend Academy of Art University, the online (100% online) graduate program in Art History. I chose the school because at the time I didn't have other options, no schools near me that offered a graduate degree in Art History and I couldn't move to an on-campus program at the time. I did research on my school over the past two weeks and found multiple articles calling the school out on its money grubbing and less than commendable statistics. It's a for-profit school whi
  9. Thank you for this information, I am actually looking into the programs you've mentioned. It's a case now of whether they'll accept late applications or not. (I really don't want to have to wait until Fall 2017). So far SAIC will and Bard will not. I just hate to see my entire year of work wasted but I know that going to a legitimate program will be worth the sacrifice.
  10. rising_star: Unfortunately because my undergraduate is in dance I feel I lack a fair amount however I'd not thought of this so I'll take a look at entry requirements for PhD programs. Thank you for your help!
  11. So, to make a long story... not as long: I just completed 50% of my MA in Art History. I went to the CAA Conference and quickly discovered how much my school is not offering, that I was not being challenged, and it was just not a good fit overall. Last day for dropping courses without losing money was this past Saturday (the first week of classes). Not wanting to waste any more money, I dropped my courses. I am now searching for an MA or MA to PhD program that I can transfer into (preferably ones that will accept SOME credits earned already or one year MA programs). I don't w
  12. I know this is late (just joined) but hope it helps. Don't know how reliable the ranked list is but it's a decent place to start. http://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables/rankings?s=History%20of%20Art%2C%20Architecture%20%26%20Design
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