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  1. I applied in this cycle, too!
  2. Hi all! I'm currently in an Art History MA program and starting to think about PhD applications. I've heard some general advice about reaching out to POIs but was hoping to ask this group for any suggestions. What should be included in an email? Is it a good idea to suggest a conversation, or just stick to an expression of interest and see if they suggest that? Thank you in advance!
  3. I agree fully with what is said here. No, it's not wrong to advise prospective students about the job market and what to expect (or not) on the other end. However, let people make their own decisions to attend or not -- as you did. I'd like to highlight, also, that there are other options, such as funded MA programs, as a first step and possible stopping place if you then decide not to go for a PhD, not covered here, which provide a middle ground. I'd also emphasize that UCs actually have very competitive funding packages (including for certain terminal MAs) and graduate students are unio
  4. I chose my MA specifically because it offered the opportunity to get my MA without taking on any debt at all. I'm also receiving funding for TA and readerships. I worked for several years in museums after undergrad, which gave me the perspective that museums pay so little -- even with an MA -- that I would have a hard time repaying loans after a program, even in a higher role and with a larger salary. I strongly recommend applying to MA programs that offer funding. In my opinion, it's not worthwhile to do the degree if you are taking on debt to do it, though absolutely worth it if you can
  5. My feeling is that a partial scholarship to a private university comes out more expensive in the end than going to UC (especially with TAship/funding)-- at least, that's how my calculations worked out for my own decision. Best of luck making your decision!
  6. Congratulations to you too! I had already decided no longer to attend the visit because of coronavirus (I'd be flying in from the east coast), but recently heard from the grad program coordinator that the whole event was ultimately canceled. I'm going in a little bit blind, but I feel really encouraged by my conversation with a POI as well as an alum of the program who I know. I also did my undergrad at another UC, so I feel a little more prepared just having been in a similar environment before. Let me know if you do accept the offer!
  7. Yes! It's important, and put the degree within reach for me. Really excited to start in the fall -- hoping we can all still begin our programs as anticipated.
  8. I'm not sure if this would be of interest to anyone-- it seems this thread is more geared toward PhD applicants than Masters-- but I will be accepting my offer to the UC Davis MA with funding! I posted it on the results page a few weeks ago more generically. I'm planning to send my acceptance today.
  9. I'm looking for similar things as you! My priorities are meeting faculty, especially POI, to see how we get along and discuss possible work, speaking with current students to hear about their experience, and meeting other prospective students to get a feeling for what being in their cohort would be like. Secondarily, I want to get a feeling for the department and the school at large-- both the ethos and the 'vibe'-- as that can be a good indicator of how it'll feel to be and work at that school. I feel pretty confident that I'll accept at the school I'm visiting, but am treating this as sort o
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