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  1. I hope that they send out their results this week..
  2. @Kelfel Hey Kelfel! Best of luck to you too ! Well.. I see nothing in my application complete date..it’s just blank. getting nervous :0
  3. Congratulations on your admit! What do you think about this school? I got accepted to this program as well and I'm curious about the opinions about this school.
  4. Well based on the Google analytics, they haven't looked at my web portfolio yet either. Do they look at one's portfolio though?
  5. Yeah I got the same email as well! It's gonna be a long wait 😮
  6. Oh! I applied to ID as well! and still showing To dept for review. I'm doing an interview with an alumnus from CMU's mhci program and haven't heard any other news from other programs (HCDE/MHCI+D/UMSI..)
  7. @qweraw @Janelle OMG guys congratz!!!!! Mine is still showing 'To Dept For Review' .. getting nervous...
  8. Thank you for the kind reply! It is really helpful. I hope you the best.
  9. Was it like a casual interview? I heard that an alumna is assigned to interview the candidate. Have you applied to other programs such as GT or UM? Wish you the best too!
  10. Hey! I got the email from CMU too! Haven't heard anything from other schools though.
  11. Hi! I also applied to CMU, UW, Georgia Tech, and UM. Have you heard anything from UW, GT and UM? Any interviews?
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