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  1. @MA2596 - it seems they have much smaller class sizes (7-15 in one year?) and I'm assuming because of this reason and being in LA their network is smaller. It does seem like people get jobs from their alumni page. I spoke to a recent alum from the program who enjoyed it, but she was keen on staying in LA so didn't consider other options. Will try to speak to a few others.
  2. I only heard back two days ago, but had to include it in decision-making in case I did get in! Accepted into the 3 year.
  3. Ahhhhhh! Haha, been focusing on four things: Finances Coursework (practical + experimental mix; focused skills) Contacting alumni & companies Location Similar to @voxpop, considering finances as well. For me, it's between ITP & Parsons and ITP is considerably cheaper, along with the fact that I know several people who are working part-time jobs while completing their coursework. Not easy, but doable. And attractive from a financial perspective. The experimental nature of DT & ITP are both a draw and concerning. Because like you mentioned: I want to
  4. Also I can't keep up with all of these decisions, but congrats to everyone who has received acceptances and fingers crossed for those still waiting! This is where the hard work pays off 🤞
  5. @MA2596 I was unclear on the difference between MFA and MPS. Does the MPS degree mean you cannot teach after, at least for a MFA program?
  6. It will be a decision between DT and NYU for me too (and ArtCenter if I get in)! Got funding from NYU, but not Parsons. ITP does seem more techy to me, but I can't figure out why since the classes still seem similar and people go on to have similar careers. I get the feeling people come out of it with more polished portfolios? I didn't get into Berkeley 😕 got an email a few hours ago.
  7. congrats @voxpop & @ciwy13! accepted to ITP as well
  8. @ciwy13 so sorry to hear this. where else did you apply and what are your top choices? I saw you're looking at ITP -- fingers crossed for you! They let in loads of people from non-traditional backgrounds. I think IxD is a little more focused. @voxpop & @kcux2020 congrats on your acceptances ! Big few weeks coming up ✌️
  9. Congrats @ixdmfaplease! I haven't looked into the UM program, but I wouldn't mind Miami (coming from someone who hasn't lived there ha). The analytics drive me crazy! Almost wish I didn't have access. I mean it's great when schools look through, but for NYU they haven't played my video on Vimeo, even though the page has been viewed, which I assume isn't too promising. @ArinL - no Parsons DT interview either! Fingers crossed for the both of us.
  10. My bad, SVA interview was for Products of Design. So definitely still hope!
  11. Congrats! I haven't heard from Parsons, but I did interview with SVA. They said they would be doing rounds of interviews throughout Feb.
  12. Has anyone received interviews for Parsons D&T or the Berkeley MDes?
  13. wow, decisions are already out? I applied to their MDes, but haven't heard anything.
  14. That's so reassuring to hear. Have you heard of scholarships/aid also given to people who couldn't make the interview? Funding will be a big factor for me after the decisions come out.
  15. Congrats @ingdesign! Great that you've heard back and even been accepted already.
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