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  1. I got a scholarship from SVA! Did anyone else, especially if you aren't planning on attending? Considering if I should try appealing for more. The notification came via email from the department yesterday.
  2. @voxpop yes, i've decided on SVA but haven't put down my deposit yet. Parson DT (and NYU ITP) sound like incredible programs for experimenting and trying your hand at lots of new things, but it's important to me to learn practical skills in interaction design — i come from a non-design background — and to be able to get a good job after the program. i've been talking to students and alumni from both programs and they all said similar things: SVA sets you up to succeed in the ux/interaction design field and Parsons is more about teaching you the design thinking and giving you room to make
  3. How's the decision-making process going for everyone?
  4. @voxpop Congrats!! I just checked mine and I also got accepted with a merit scholarship!
  5. Just got my SVA IxD acceptance email too! I'm so excited, they're my top choice school. 😊 @voxpop
  6. Me too! I’m hopeful that means we’re in but no email yet either...
  7. @ciwy13 @yona @A Bawa congrats on your Parsons acceptance!! did you receive any funding/scholarship? I’m still waiting to hear back about an admissions decision.
  8. @yona where do you see results? I don’t think mine was updated
  9. Congratulations @voxpop and @ciwy13 !!! We should hear from SVA and Parsons in less than a week too but I’m sure you’re relieved right now!
  10. SVA IxD is also a super small program. Parsons DT and NYU ITP are pretty huge! Lots of room for people from diverse backgrounds. Best of luck, all this waiting will be over soon! I’m transitioning fields too and it’s so hard to understand the best way to navigate that and “sell yourself” to these schools.
  11. Oh no, I’m sorry! What program did you apply to? Fingers-crossed for your other options
  12. Does SVA update the status beyond “Complete! Your application will be reviewed.”? That’s what the landing page on mine says and then under Applications, the Portal Status says “Application Ready for Review”. I applied to interaction design.
  13. Totally agree! At least when they’re in progress you’ve got something to focus on. I got accepted to University of Miami’s interactive media MFA program today. Anyone on here have thoughts on their program? Still really hoping to get into an NYC school.
  14. Anyone else watching the location of hits on their portfolio site on Google analytics or is it just me? 👀
  15. I think it went well! It was a pretty casual video call with two professors from different areas of study within the department. They asked why I was applying to Parsons, what I hoped to do while in the program and what I was thinking career-wise. I forget the exact wording, but that's the gist. It was 20 minutes. They said decision letters go out in a few weeks in March but didn't know the exact date.
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