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  1. I just checked, it is! 😱😱I got accepted! Did your status change?!?
  2. Ooh okay thank you for those details. That's great to hear! Best of luck!
  3. Ah nice! Hmm, I think GT is probably still reviewing materials...I just checked my portfolio to see and they seemed to have checked just this week (only for less than a minute...😑)
  4. No interview from IUB, but I received request for interview from CMU MHCI about a week ago I think? How did your interview go!
  5. @ftppny I think they only interview certain people? I don't know the percentage. The site says "Candidates may be considered for interviews as part of the admission process. Interviews would be scheduled via the email address you have listed on your application." I'm assuming you can get in without an interview as well...?
  6. Yes! Scheduled for next week for the MHCI program. Haven't had any other interviews so I'm pretty nervous.
  7. Ah I see, that's a good topic to discuss...was this during informational interviews or during your official interview?
  8. Hi, I got an email from CMU for a video interview with an alumna. 1. Is this typical? 2. Should I expect different questions from her than if it was with an admissions director or professor? 3. What is/is not appropriate to ask? (For example, is it too time consuming to ask about their experience.) Any help is appreciated!!
  9. I changed the schools I was going to apply to after doing a lot more research and UW went on my list. Update, I got a portfolio view from Shoreline, WA. That's ~9 mi north of Seattle...might be nothing but my stomach flipped. No one checks my portfolio in general haha...
  10. Hi all, just started my apps. Applying to Delft, Bentley, Indiana, UCI, SVA and Parsons.
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