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  1. I applied to ID as well. No visits to my portfolio from GT yet.
  2. @qweraw @Janelle Congratulations you guys! Which track did you apply to?
  3. Oh, they will review it in detail in a few days I guess. That's what MHCI+D did with mine. Has your GT Application Status changed to Dept. Decision Made?
  4. Hi, @Janelle . I got a couple of visits to my portfolio from Seattle and one from Bellevue, WA. (I applied to MHCI+D). But none from Atlanta (Georgia Tech), which I'm super worried about.
  5. Why don't you try sending them a PDF version of your portfolio? They might consider.
  6. Hi! I applied as well, but havent heard back from IUB. Do you mind sharing when you interviewed with them?
  7. Hi guys! I applied to the Industrial Design Track. My application status still says ' Submitted', so I'm really worried.
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