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  1. Hey! Applications are opening and i thought it would be best to freak out together! Drop in a comment if you're applying for fall 2020, with your Uni list, background and anything else you would like to share!
  2. @curiousaboutanyandallthing what are you applying for?
  3. @GummyPegasusFor this fall? or next
  4. I read a few threads where the students there themselves werent recomending pratt for this course. Also a friend of mine went for a campus visit and said it was "less than inspiring" what art schools did you pick? @yona also what is your background and are you a us citizen?
  5. Hey, I have an architecture background and switching to hci/ui ux and will apply OCT 2019. Anyone else in the same application boat? In the process of shortlisting schools currently! Would love to connect during the entire application process! Read here that Pratts program wasn't the best. Anyone else have any information about other programs in the US, Canada as well as EU? Currently considering UW, CMU, University of Michigan Ann arbor, Umea, Delft, Alto (for visual communication design)
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