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  1. If anyone has any experience with these programs, I'd love to hear your take. Thanks in advance! PS Let me know if there's somewhere better to post this! The programs are pretty interdisciplinary, though not humanities.
  2. In a similarboat but with less work experience and skewed towards the research side haha (following this)
  3. Do you work on any interesting research projects at least? How helpful are they with career resources/internships?
  4. @smriti23 sorry just saw this...but I'm actually really just interested in the Transdisciplinary Design program now haha I'm now also considering something like Bentley's part on campus part online Human Factors in Information Design program (though it seems like the alum network/job placements are really centered around boston) I'd also apply to NYU if it wasn't so technically focused and unstructured
  5. I'm in this boat! American young professional here, but i'm not interested in UI I'm looking at SVA, Parsons, and Pratt (though I put that last because I heard it wasn't great either) Not looking at NYU though. I wish Columbia had some sort of program to consider.
  6. ^^ Similar question as above...but I'm curious - what drew everyone to the program? what are you hoping to get out of it/what are your goals afterwards? I'm trying to see if it's a good fit...
  7. As someone researching this school and trying to determine fit, can I ask what drew everyone to this programs, what you hope to get out of it, and what your goals are?
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