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  1. @ciwy13 @A Bawa i will probably go towards NYU, ITP feels more techy to me, there are quite a lot of coding related subjects that I really want to take considering my CS background. DT does seem more artsy which is not bad but I think I would struggle with using my full potential at the program.
  2. @Jazzboom @ixdmfaplease oh, i applied to DT, they didn’t send an email but i just went to check the dashboard on their applications website and saw the text saying the decisions are ready.
  3. @Jazzboom check your dashboard for Parsons, they sent out the results today but didn't send any email.
  4. @voxpop @ciwy13 @taketwo @MA2596 congrats on your acceptance into ITP! Are you guys considering to accept the offer?
  5. Yeah, same. I was rejected in the US visa and there was no NYU campus nearby. I know there are many people that got into without the interviews though!
  6. Applied to NYU and Parsons, waiting for the results!
  7. Hey @betron12, take a look at the experimental programs such as Interactive Telecommunication Program at New York University or Design and Technology program at Parsons. They have courses that intersect between technology and arts and both of them mostly encourage their students to experiment and look at everything from different perspectives.
  8. @smriti23 yes, I've read it too, lots of people also say that Pratt is too concentrated on library studies and projects?? mostly theory stuff and less practice. but I still included it to the list because according to my research the acceptance rate at Pratt is higher than 70% and most students receive some kind of scholarship, and the tuition is not that expensive. I will also apply to SCAD and maybe SVA but I'm not sure about it yet I am CS major by the way! and not a US citizen, I'm from Eastern Europe haha
  9. Applying for fall 2020 as well! Picked Pratt, UMich, Delft, and Aalto, as well as a few art schools. Why do you think Pratt wasn't the best though??
  10. Hi guys! I'm applying for HCI in fall 2019 Did you all had a background in design before applying for Master's?? I'm CS major and currently working on my own design portfolio but all this process gives me so much anxiety haha
  11. Hi there! I am planning to apply for the fall of 2020. To those who got accepted congrats!! I also have a question to those who came from a different background and got accepted Did you guys have a well-polished design portfolio?? or maybe they pay attention to something else? I'm going to apply to UW, UMich and maybe GT!
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