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  1. I had heard all the good things about Delft too. It was my first choice among schools in Europe (excluding UK) too. But unfortunately I missed the deadline. I applied to Aalto Uni too but got rejected. I came across profiles of most schools you mentioned - Chalmers, ENSCI, Design Academy Eindhoven (I haven't heard of ECAL though). But I didn't apply to them because either the school or the programme didn't excite me or like you said, the language would have been a problem. Overall, I felt the whole deal with schools in Europe was that they were all good and popular and the courses they offered were very similar to each other too. Maybe one is slightly better than the other. In the end, all that matters are how much hard work one puts in and what projects one pursues. Why do you think the employment opportunities aren't good in UK? Also, what kind of jobs do you want to do after you graduate?
  2. Hi @Psquared I am a mechanical engineer from India too. I am also looking to develop my design practice in a problem solving direction rather than in an artistic one. But I do not want to a pursue a programme in a mostly technical university partly because I already kinda have engineering skills and rather than getting more of those skills, I want to learn how to apply them in my design projects and partly because I feel a tech school will provide job opportunities mostly in the field of engineering. This is why I am leaning away from accepting offers from schools like KTH and Polimi and leaning towards schools like GSA and Parsons. As far as money is concerned, I have learnt that irrespective of the country, art and design programmes are more expensive than tech programmes. Moreover, the programmes are costlier when they are offered by a private design college (which occupy most of the top ranks) than a public university. However, if you compare the same type of programme and university, tuition in Europe is lesser than in USA. (I am only talking about tuition because the living expenses depend on the city) Btw, what do you think of Delft's programme (I was going to apply there but I missed the deadline)? How does it compare to the programme at KTH? Also, do you perhaps know how it compares to the Msc in Design and engineering programme at Politecnico di Milano?
  3. Hey everyone I had applied to Lund, KTH, Umea and Konstfack in Sweden (in that order). I got accepted into KTH conditionally (the condition being that I will have to pay tuition fee as I am an international applicant). I got rejected by all other schools in Sweden due to either ineligibility or because they didn't like my application that much. I do not know much about schools in Sweden. I selected the schools based on opinions on internet on which schools are good and based on whether I liked the curriculum and the students' work. I was confused about whether to select KTH or Lund as first choice but I went with Lund because they advertised that they offered trips to NASA so I thought it would be good exposure and I also felt that I would have a better chance of getting a scholarship at Lund compared to KTH. I am still in the middle of making decisions. I have been accepted into these schools: CCA, SAIC, Parsons, Glasgow School of Art and KTH. I am also waiting on decisions from Loughborough Uni, Politecnico di Milano and RCA. I also applied to many other schools like MIT, RISD, Purdue, Aalto etc. but got rejected by them all. My background is in engineering and I am looking to study a combination of design with engineering and technology. I am not very keen on CCA, SAIC (they both are too artistic for me) and KTH (it is too engineery for me). I am inclined towards Parsons and GSA. Money is a huge factor for me, and Parsons is too expensive, plus New York is very very expensive to live, and that's why it seems like I will be going to GSA this fall. I haven't made my mind completely yet and would love to hear everyone's views... I would also be applying to scholarships while I wait for the rest of the decisions and hope something clicks in. I wish everyone gets to go the school which is perfect for them! 😃🤞
  4. Hey! I did get accepted in a couple of schools including SAIC and CCA. Though money is a HUGE factor for me to make decisions. Let's see how things go.. About UMEA, it seems they informed those who were NOT selected, not those who were. So if you haven't received the news that you got rejected yet, then your application may still be in the running. I really hope that's the case! With decision date just around the corner, it is likely that you will hear the result before they reply to your email. So I guess waiting is the way to go! Fingers crossed for you!
  5. I got rejected from Lund. They didn't send an email or a message on the universityadmissions portal. I just happened to open the portal yesterday and it said my application had been deleted because my "submitted portfolio does not reflect the skills to fully benefit from this programme" and that my application won't be processed further. 💔So in Sweden, KTH is the only one that hasn't rejected me (yet). About your email, it does seem like there was a step 2 interview. It also seems like they sent out notifications to people who weren't selected and the rest got an interview and will hear the results on 4th. Did you get a notification that you weren't selected? If you didn't, they probably moved your application to stage 2. It's also possible that they didn't interview everyone from stage 2. I think if you haven't heard from them explicitly that your application didn't move on to the next stage, there might be still a chance for you. 3 days to go! Fingers crossed for you!! Good luck!! 😁🤞
  6. I, unfortunately, did not apply for NYU. I didn't know about the program back when I was applying. I now wish that I had known. But I would anyway absolutely love to connect with everyone and learn about their decisions and why they are choosing one program over another. In fact, if everyone is comfortable, then we can perhaps take the discussion off gradcafe to a more instant messaging platform such as Telegram. Gradcafe is also cool with me if everyone is comfortable here. 🙂 Thank you. Congratulations to you too on your acceptances and of course the scholarships! I was honestly surprised to find out that I had been accepted, let alone offered a scholarship because I applied very late and Parsons said that they can't guarantee anything since I was applying so late. So I am extra grateful. I am also planning to appeal to Parsons for more money. Btw, their webinars are coming up, one of which is on financial aid. Do you think I should attend the webinar before shooting them the financial appeal or should I appeal anyway and just see what happens in the webinar?
  7. I am sorry to hear about KTH! But it's rather weird that one school from Sweden thinks we aren't eligible while others think we are okay, when there is LITERALLY one portal where we submitted all our docs! Maybe it has something to do with the university specific docs, or maybe some misunderstanding, or maybe they are just really strict. Idk. 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, we should receive our results in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted on what happens! 😃
  8. Hey I think Umea rejected my application because I wasn't eligible. (I have attached the screenshots of my portal here) It's weird because I submitted everything they asked for. Anyway, there are always bound to be some rejections, besides Umea wasn't very high up in my list so it's okay.
  9. I applied to Lund Uni, KTH, Umea and Konstack in Sweden, in that order. (one applicant can apply for 4 courses). I already got rejected by Umea and Konstfack (I got messages on the universitydmissions.se portal) It was kind of heartbreaking, not because I got rejected but because they were 3rd and 4th in my ranking list. So now I am just waiting for April 3rd or 4th so that I can get rejected by my first two choices and get over with it.
  10. Hello everyone Congratulations to everyone on their acceptances! I also got my Parsons DT acceptance today with 50 percent scholarship on tuition fee. Unfortunately I still find Parsons to be very expensive given how high living expenses in NYC can be. I was wondering how everyone here is planning to fund their studies if you choose to accept. And how much scholarship has everyone been offered by Parsons, if I may ask. Also, is it possible to appeal/bargain for higher scholarship? (I am sorry if I come across as crude, it's my first time applying to grad school) I am worried I might have to decline their offer if I figure I would end up with substantial debt. Congratulations again on your acceptances everyone!
  11. Hey, I am not pursuing or planning to pursue a program in art (I want to study design), but your post got me curious. What's the deal with the candy?
  12. In USA, accepted at SAIC and CCA, waiting for Parsons, rejected at other schools. In Europe, mostly got rejected, accepted in a school in UK, waiting for a couple more.
  13. No new responses. Looks like this session only rejections are raining.
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