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  1. @Kellysususu I was wondering the same thing. Really tired and pissed off at this point of waiting without any conclusive communication. According to a post here, they sent out some acceptance last week on Friday, hopefully they'd do the same this week (Fingers Crossed)
  2. Hey Congratulations on the offer. What course did you apply to at UMICH and what other schools did you get admit from?
  3. I received this response on friday.
  4. Received a response to my email asking for a status on application. "We expect admissions decisions to be released in the next 10-14 business days"
  5. I remember it to be blank for a long time.
  6. Hi everyone. An international applicant here for the HCI course. Today is 15th and not sure how I should feel about this, as I haven't received any information yet. Checked my application and the "application date" is blank lol. Did anyone here receive a decision?
  7. Hey, I am also applying to a few program's. We can connect and share ideas if you are interested in something like that.
  8. Hey Figtree, It's great to hear your interest in the field and that you are applying to a few colleges. I am also applying this year but in the masters program. Was wondering why do you think you won't be able to get in? Is it because of the no. of applications?
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