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  1. Hi, thanks! My complete date remains the same. The only thing that has changed in the portal is a link for me to view my decision letter. From looking at prior posts (from previous years) I don't think admission decisions are done yet: don't lose hope!
  2. No problem! And I did not notice this behavior.
  3. My completion date was January 19th. The acceptance letter did not mention any information in regards to financial aid. If I understand correctly, Umich sends this info out in the weeks after admission.
  4. Hey! I submitted my app January 15th.
  5. I received my acceptance letter today at 1:29 PM EST. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Hey guys! Wanted to get a conversation going about Fall 2021 admissions into UMSI masters program. I applied before the January 15th deadline, anyone know how long it takes for admission decisions? Also, does anyone have an idea on the acceptance rate of UMSI Masters in Information?
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