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  1. Not even surprised at this point. In the email they sent me couple weeks ago, they stated: “We are hard at work processing and reviewing all applications and anticipate decisions being reached in late March or early April.” According to this, we should get the result by no later than tomorrow, if they know what “early April” means.
  2. It’s been 11 weeks since 1/15 and we are heading to week 12 of waiting a result that does not even guarantee when exactly the result will be coming out... Why on earth did they even call this as a “Priority application deadline” if this is going to take this long. Them just telling it’s all due to COVID-19 and working remotely is the reason why it’s taking this long is so unprofessional. The world is still running fine regardless of COVID. This just frustrates me so bad. Things shouldn’t be like this at a top tier university. Seriously disappointed about the reviewing process.
  3. I emailed to them early last week, so you might get similar response back in soon. I totally understand how you are feeling right now, since I would have felt the same if I didn’t get the respond while couple of others received a response. That’s why I also wanted to share for those who haven’t got the response back. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s not lose hope and wait.
  4. This is what I have received today: Thanks for checking in about the status of your application. We understand that applicants can be anxious to hear news about their admissions status as it is often a catalyst to further planning which is often time-sensitive. Due to the volume of applications and our team working fully remote this year we anticipate a small delay in decisions. As a reminder, our holistic review process entails a two reviewer system and consideration for scholarship. All applications are reviewed before decisions are made. We are hard at work processing and reviewing al
  5. Thanks for your quick response! Like the previous years, did your completion date disappear for a while? Cauz one thing that I have noticed in the previous years was that they all had some issue with their completion date disappearing right before they received their decision.
  6. Congrats!!! May I ask when you got your completion date? Also, is there any mention about scholarship in the letter?
  7. This is what I received about 2 weeks ago when I asked about when will we start hearing decision: Thank you for your email. We will release decisions as soon as they are available. You can check your application status on your student application portal, and a notification email will be sent to you when a decision is made available. We thank you and appreciate your patience as you await an admission decision. They did not mention any specific dates and it kinda feels like this was an automatic response. I really want to know when it will be as well....
  8. Wait, how do you know the application submission has gone up this year? Was it written somewhere?
  9. That totally makes sense, though I would want to believe its today lol. Yet, what I have seen through the cafe is that, most of the first accepted applicants had their result in the beginning week of March, although due to COVID things might be a lot different.
  10. I know... I’m also checking it at least 3 or 4 times a day... Hope it comes out in soon though. Cauz this waiting frustrates me:(
  11. I’ve completed mine on Jan and got my completion email on Jan 12th. As I have also seen the previous gradcafe conversations about the umsi, I’m thinking either tmrw or next Friday will be the time for the first round results. Yet, due to COVID, I’m not 100% sure if we’ll even get it by then. Which program have you guys applied to?
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