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  1. I have received my I-20 document the University which I will attend this Fall. However, as US consulates around the world still have not reopened yet, I have not submitted my DS160 form online. Have you submitted the DS160 form? Thanks.
  2. Was just wondering if there are any current students at Princeton who don't mind to share their experience with me. Also, if you are an incoming student who would like to connect before school starts, please comment or DM me.
  3. I have just made up my mind and decided which university I’d attend for my PhD studies. For some reason, I’m a bit apprehensive and nervous about emailing my advisor. What should I say in my first few emails other than thank you? Should I ask about anything to prepare in advance? Should I ask her anything? I am a Humanities major and this PhD offer means the world to me. I really dont want to mess this up...
  4. I think you should drop it. Grades are pretty important for grad school applications. Indeed, proficiency in Japanese will be very important if your speciality is in East Asian Art, but there are many options where you can learn Japanese without ruining your GPA (e.g. language school, non-credit bearing courses, language exchange, etc.)
  5. Ken5566

    Fall 2018

    Has anyone heard anything from UBC?
  6. Ken5566

    Fall 2018

    I dont know if it is just me, but I feel like this round of application is in many ways different from previous rounds. So far there isn't a clear pattern or wave of notifications like it used to be. Notifications (esp. of top unis) seem random and scattered.
  7. @langcacdell24556 I did a master's degree in art history at Oxford Uni. Nearly half of the students in our cohort came from America, and a number of them focused on American art history. It's not uncommon to have Americans studying American history, at least at Oxford. Living expenses in Oxford and Cambridge are relatively cheaper in comparison with London. It cost me about GBP600-700 a month, including rent, and you can have your own room (no roommates)! You can get really cheap and nice food in your college, and it could be a huge money-saver. Seriously, just do it if you c
  8. Ken5566

    Fall 2018

    Hi all, I thought I would start a new thread since no one has started one thus far! A little introduction - B.A., M.A (from a UK Uni); GRE registered for late-October; 1 conference paper and 1 journal publication; some research and museum experience Area: Contemporary / East Asian Schools: Harvard, Stanford, NYU IFA, Princeton, USC, Toronto, UBC, and perhaps 1-2 schools in the UK Where are you all applying and in what area? Any advice for Fall 2018 applicants?
  9. I know that most graduate art history programs require their applicants to know 1 or 2 languages. What language(s) should a modern/contemprary art history student learn? If I have to learn French and German, which language should I prioritize? PS I come from the Far East so English is my second language already. I'm native in Chinese and have some basic knowledge in Japanese.
  10. Re-take GRE on Nov 9 while the first application deadline is on Dec1? Last time I received my GRE scores 10 days after the test day. If I retake the test on Nov 9, I think I will get the result on Nov 20. However, I just fear that the result won't be sent to the schools on time because of Thanksgiving postal delay. So, is it a good idea to retake the GRE this late? Or should I just stick with my old scores (154/162/4, major in humanities)?
  11. Thank you for your advices! I also checked the students profile on their website, and most of the PhD students entered with a BA. I think I will apply directly to the PhD program!
  12. I just started my application to UPenn's history of art graduate program, and I was asked to choose either to apply to a terminal Master's or a PhD. My ultimate goal, of course, is to get a doctoral degree in art history. However, I wonder it may be too competitive and difficult to get into the PhD program with only a BA. I don't mind to start from a Master's program, but funding is definitely an issue (only the PhD program provides funding). Should I apply to the PhD program just because it has funding opportunities, or should I apply to the Master's because it is supposedly easier to be admi
  13. Ken5566

    GRE Scores

    Hi guys, Sorry for my late reply! To offer an update, I got a 4.0 in AW. I also plan to give another shot at GRE to improve my scores.
  14. Ken5566

    GRE Scores

    I am planning to apply to some Art History PhD programs in the US. I just took the GRE test today, and got unofficial scores of 154 in verbal and 161 in math. I am worried about my verbal score. It seems pretty average for a Humanities student to get a score of 154. I fear that I may not be able to stand out among other applicants. Should I retake the test in late-sept or early-oct? Or should I just focus on other parts of my application? Also, i don't know if it is related, but English is not my first language. I, however, know 3 ither languages. Can my language ability cover my rather poor v
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